Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Home Tour, Part 2

Thank you for your kind comments on Part 1 of the tour.
Shall we start right in with Part 2 today?

Here's the dining room & sitting room....

I'll try not to talk too much since I have quite a few photos today.

Dining Room: 

I have never used a lot color in these rooms before.
This is a first.
I usually go with silver, gold & white, but
this year I was determined to try red.
I never imagined how much I was going to love it!

I don't think I've shared my new mirror
and console table before. (below)
I rode home 2 1/2 hours with that mirror
resting against my head.
Oh the sacrifices we make for pretty things!

Sitting Room:

 This pencil tree from Michaels is a favorite!

Here's a close up of the tree:

Have a great day everyone!

Next up...
Kitchen & Master Bedroom


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  1. Love it all Gina! Glad you embraced the red- it’s perfect! Cute pencil tree and I love all the vignettes. The dough bowl is the cutest! Wishing you happiness and a fun Christmas!

  2. Fabulous Gina. I love the red...and that pencil tree is perfect. I think I may need one now... ; )

  3. Love, love, love the red.
    Red is always part of our Christmas colors.

    The pencil tree is cool too. Our main tree is
    a thinner tree. Our other one is too wide for
    our living room.

    M : )


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