Sunday, October 15, 2017

When Home Goods Comes to Town

I have been waiting for years for a Home Goods to call my own.
On October 22, the wait will be over!

I will no longer have to travel 50 miles one way to get to a Home Goods.
We will finally have one locally.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

In all honesty, the fact that we did not have a Home Goods store
locally has not made me a stranger to the store.
I would seek out  Home Goods on all my travels and vacations
hoping to find that one treasure (or 25) to bring home with me. 

My family knows the routine well.  It goes something like this:  

When my son has a baseball game 3 hours away...
 Me:   Do they have a Home Goods there?

When 11 family members go on a big vacation...
 Me:   Do they have a Home Goods there?

When my son wants to take a college tour... 
 Me:    Do they have a Home Goods there?

When my daughter wants to see a concert a few hours away...
 Me:  Do they have a Home Goods there?

So you get the idea.

My husband cannot fathom for the life of him,
why Home Goods has not asked me to cut the ribbon at the grand opening! 
(That one's a comedian, I tell ya)

He has lived in fear ever since the announcement was made
that we would be getting a store. 
Now neither rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor gloom of night 
shall deter me from going.
In other words, having one so close by could spell trouble.

So if all this causes us is a one way trip to the poor house,
I want to know...
Do they have a Home Goods there?

Have a super week, friends!


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  1. Yay for you. We have three Home Goods stores within an hour and one of them is only about 10 minutes away from me. I am avoiding them right now because I am trying to "let go" of some of my stuff and not "buy more"...xo Diana

  2. AGREED!!!!! It is my absolute favorite too, G!

    You ought to think about working there seasonally and grab that employee discount! I have been considering it, but I am too lazy haha.

    Congrats - ours is 10 minutes away. BIG MISTAKE lol.


  3. Congratulations!! HomeGoods is awesome, I agree...but also quite dangerous. In a good way! I have two very close by and I have to stop myself from going there sometimes, especially during the holidays. Have fun!

  4. That's just awesome.. I love the store.. we were searching a particular size of mirror, I we didn't get anywhere until we went to HomeGoods..

  5. That's too cute! I am in the same predicament too- no Home Goods store nearby and I seek them out when we travel. Now you'll have the luxury of going to one when you are seeking something or just for fun!

  6. You are too funny!!! We got a HG store last year, only 5 min. away......but before that we had a TJ Maxx same I am in double the trouble!!!

  7. I share your enthusiasm for Home Goods. I am able to visit one when I visit my daughter three hours away. I was pretty excited when TJ Maxx moved in only 30 minutes away from us.

  8. We have a HomeGoods here in our little city and I love it! Ours is tiny compared to most of them just a few miles further in Dallas but I do go at least once a week. In case you've never heard, when you see something you love, don't be wishy-washy because it won't be there when you go back. I've experienced that repeatedly.

  9. Way too funny.
    I used to be like this with Target.

    We have one but it is always messy :(
    I have found some things there though.

    M : )

  10. So happy for you! For me is about a 25 minute drive to the closest Homegoods. Sometimes I only visit the store once a month but always bring back home a little treasure. :)


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