Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Vignette

I've been meaning to share my Valentine's Day hutch with you for a few weeks now,
but you know how that goes...sometimes blogging takes a back seat.

So, with only a day to go, here goes:

I put this together with stuff I hand on hand.
I will forever love that little cupid boy.
I've had him for quite a few years now. 

I'm happy seeing the pops of red here.  There's just so much white
outside my window right now, any color is a welcome change.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Valentines really does help with the winter yucks. I love your mantel, you always do it up beautifully. Happy valentines day!

  2. The perfect degree of pops of red, Gina.

    Your mantles dressed up for any holiday always looks so good.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day, sweet lady.

    Hugs! ♥♥

  3. It looks darling, Gina. I have always loved the way you dress things up. Lots of white outside our windows, too. xo Diana

  4. Little Valentine's day decorations is so beautiful..

  5. Very sweet, Gina. The red really pops!

    Jane x

  6. Beautiful vignette, Gina! Love all the pops of red. Take care, Maria

  7. How cute and sweet! Happy Valentine's Day Gina! ❤

  8. Hi Gina, such a pretty vignette. The red just pops completely and of course I adore red. Glad I could cheer you up. I know lots of people who are experiencing cold weather. Have a lovely weekend.


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