Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Mantel 2017

Happy New Year, friends! 
I may be a few weeks late with the wishes, but they are sincere.

Today, I thought I would share my Winter mantel.
If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls, 
you might really enjoy it.  
If you are not a fan of Gilmore Girls, 
hopefully you will enjoy it anyway! :)

I found the poster on Etsy and I just couldn't resist.
Stars Hollow, Connecticut...
the fictional hometown of Gilmore Girls.

I love the blue grey wooden snowflakes.
I found them at Lowe's after Christmas and had to have them.

I added a strand of snowflake lights for a little light in the evenings.

I hope you are all staying warm & cozy this Winter.
See you soon!


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  1. The mantle is looking so calm and relaxing... :)

  2. Would you believe I just started watching the Gilmore Girls for the first time ever? I am hooked!!! Love that poster and your mantle looks great. It is so much fun to see a post from you.
    I hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  3. I do love this! It's very enchanting with the lights on in the evening. The picture draws you right in. I loved the Gilmore Girls show. I haven't started to re-watch it yet.
    Happy New Year to you also Gina!

  4. Always love any surface when it has delightful fairy lights. Your mantel is so pretty for Winter. Love your little houses and all of it on mantel.
    We don't have a mantel or fire place but I content myself with our lovely shutter shelf over sofa to decorate. Had to leave it bare for about a week til decided what to put on it. Wish my shutter shelf looked as pretty as your mantel.
    Happy New Year

  5. I am not familiar with the Gilmore Girls, but I love your mantel!

  6. Love the picture and mantel décor!
    Happy New Year.

    We had a bumpy start to ours hope yours
    has begun smoothly.

    M : )

  7. Love it and love that you have lights on it. I have kept a few up, I just couldn't part with the sparkle yet! ;)

  8. Gina, it looks beautiful. The sign is perfect and so original. Love your mantle! Take care, Maria

  9. Ahh love it! I will have to look on Etsy for it!


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