Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Home Tour, Part 3 (Dining Room & Sitting Room)

Time is flying by!
It truly is fascinating how quickly
time moves at this time of year.
I imagine age has a lot to do with that, too!

I'm going to continue the tour today
in my dining room and sitting room.
You will find a much more
muted palette in here than in my living room.
White, silver, gold, blue gray.

I have lots of pictures, so I'll try
to keep the chit chat to a minimum,
since I know how time is at a premium
for most of us.  

Dining Room Hutch:

The Santa is new this year.
I fell in love with him,
so he had to come home with me.

Dining room chandelier & table centerpiece:

Since this picture was taken,
I have added a cloche over the mercury glass angel.
The angel was given to me by Shannon

And yes, if you're spying out my snow!

The sideboard/buffet:

And yes, the chalkboard that usually 
resides here has been retired indefinitely.  

On to the sitting room portion:

Coffee table:

Blue dresser:

My favorite shelves:

So that's the dining room/sitting room.
I have a little more to show you,
so I'll be back again later this week.

Have a fantastic week!
11 more days!  


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  1. Gina, this is all so pretty. Your white, silver, and gold is wonderful!

  2. Gina,Oh my goodness! So pretty! I wanted to go with those colors this year but didn't have time to change things up. Funny how Christmas sneaks up on ya! I love your Christmas decor. I talked about you and your curtains :) on my post today, hope you'll visit.

  3. How beautiful Gina! I love that Santa too!

  4. Very pretty and the blue dresser!!!

  5. I love all the white, Gina. Gorgeous.

  6. Oh my goodness Gina I love this. I just want to wrap up with the shawl and sit on the sofa having a cup of hot chocolate! Love your new Santa and the Snowman on the cake tray- how cute! You did a great job with the plates on the wall above the buffet. The little church and the bottle brush trees are precious! I enjoyed each detail- wonderful job! Merry Christmas!

  7. Gina,
    Silver, Gold, White and Blue, done right!!!
    Your Dining and Sitting Room are e x q u i s i t e, dear friend!!!
    L O V E those teardrop ornaments hanging from your chandelier!!!
    The gallery of ironstone plates is charming!!! Love the snowflakes!!!
    Thank you for inviting us into you lovely home!!!
    P.S. I started at the end. . .so i'm off to see Part II and Part I!!!

  8. You have done another great job Gina! I love the soft whites and the new Santa and the blue dresser!! All of it!! You are so far ahead of me on getting things posted! I will be getting organized tonight! I hope!!

  9. Gina, everything is so lovely and festive! I love the soft, neutral colors! The plates over the sideboard, and that blue chest, are my favs! I've got to check out part 1 & 2... so far behind, and I don't want to miss any of your fabulous home! :) ~Rhonda

  10. Looks so quiet and peaceful.
    Nice job!!

    M : )

  11. Gorgeous!!! Love all that winter white!!!Oh how I love your sitting room...

  12. Absolutely beautiful Gina! It looks like a winter wonderland with that color palette. love it!


  13. Love the bottle brush trees Gina! Your home looks like a Winter Wonderland! Wishing you a lovely holiday season!


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