Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Home Tour, Part 2 (Living Room)

Hello friends!

Let's start Part 2 of our Christmas home tour today.

I shared my mantel on Monday,
so here is the rest of the living room & Christmas tree.

I kept the red & gray theme (inspired by the pixies on the mantel)
throughout the room.

My kids tell me there are too many pillows on the couches.  lol  

I used the same yarn on the wreath (below)
that I used to make the trees on the mantel.

Coffee table vignette:

If you look closely,
my tree has red & gray fleece scarves
(from The Dollar Tree)
wrapped around it!

Entertainment center shelves:

I just love this time of year!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Next up:

The dining room


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  1. I love, love, love your color them. I tried a little red this year too. Don't you love a large mirror over your mantle? Everything is perfect. Makes me think of candy canes.

  2. I love grey and the red together! And one can never have too many pillows can they!? Your room looks so inviting Gina. Great job on creating a wonderful space! I took some pictures this morning, so will have to get going on my decor post. Take care!

  3. Amazing that you have found all the grey.


    M : )

  4. Loving the red, grey and white color scheme. Quite original. Everything looks so pretty. And wrapping the tree with scarves is genius. Love it all.


  5. It's gorgeous Gina! I absolutely love the red against the white and gray background. Your tree is beautiful!!! And I agree - never enough pillows! Looks very cozy!

  6. I went with red too this year and may keep it around. No, never enough pillows, love yours!

  7. Very, very pretty, Gina! I really like your color scheme. The mantel is so cute and the pillows add such a festive and bright feeling. Love your shelves. You really have captured the essence of Christmas!!

    Jane x

  8. Love all your pillows and the scarves on the tree.....very cute!!!

  9. The whole room is beautiful!!! xx p.s. you can never have too many cushions! xx

  10. Gina,
    A m a z i n g red, grey and white color scheme, dear friend!!!
    Using fleece scarves is very creative!!!
    Love "all" those pillows!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Love the pops of red in the beautiful room! The fleece scarves were a great idea and look so pretty wrapped around the tree. The sign over the mantel is a great, festive piece! :) ~Rhonda


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