Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Honored & Excited

Hi friends! 
I'm not sure how to write this post or even if I should be writing it.
I hope you don't all think me shameless. 
 I can't help it really. 
 I'm excited!

A few months ago, 
I was contacted by the Home Editor of Redbook magazine. 
 She asked if they could potentially feature my umbrella wreath
in their April edition.

" Are you talking to lil' old me?" 

 Why yes!  
Yes, of course you can feature it!  

I tried not to get excited just in case
the whole thing didn't work out.  


I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on page 142.

Many thanks to Redbook Magazine.
I am both honored & excited to be featured in their publication.

Many thanks to you, my friends,  
for visiting me often, 
leaving me wonderful comments, 
and allowing me to blow my own horn.  :)

I'll be back to share some Spring decor soon.


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Awww..Congratulations! I am just thrilled for you!!!! xo Diana

  2. Woo hoo! I'm so happy for you and they should have featured you because the umbrella and flowers are just gorgeous! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That's awesome, Gina! Congratulations! :) It is very pretty!

  4. CONGRATS Gina...that's wonderful!! So happy for you...that umbrella looks awesome!

  5. What!! What!! What!! How exciting!
    How did you keep this little secret!!
    Your Bumbershoot looks amazing...
    Found that is a new word for Umbrella.

  6. So well deserved.
    Bravo to the editor that recognized your talent, Gina!
    To think that those of us that visit you were the very first to see your beautiful spring door. It's both a delight and an honor to see it once again, in print!
    Happy Spring!

  7. GINA!! That is so exciting!! That is the cutest umbrella I have ever seen and it looks awesome against the colored door! You must have been sooo excited! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  8. Well girl, you know or at least you should know that you are the queen of vignettes!! This is sooooo beautiful that of course they would run with it!! Congrats!

  9. That's so exciting! I'm very happy for you. :)

  10. That is exciting. I love your umbrella.

  11. How wonderful....I am so excited for you!! The umbrella is so beautiful!! xoxo

  12. Of course you should be writing this!! How wonderful!!!! I am very excited and pleased for you! Congratulations!!! It is a lovely arrangement! xx

  13. Congratulations on an honor well deserved! Your door decor is beautiful and really should have been on the cover. Great job!


  14. Awwww! That is so cool! Toot that horn girl! I'd be shouting it from the roof tops LOL! Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations to you.....How wonderful and how very exciting!! Woo hoo....I'm happy to follow your blog and to say I know the person who the door and umbrella belongs too....

  16. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Your awesome umbrella door craft sooooo deserves this - it is totally magazine worthy, sweet lady! CONGRATS!!!!

  17. Oh Gina...How wonderful!! I am so happy for you. You deserve to be in every magazine, your projects are always unique and special. I have no idea how I missed this, I even checked that I was still following you and yep I was....I hate missing your posts!


  18. Oh my gosh, Gina! Congratulations for your feature. That is soooo exciting and I'm so happy for you. Way to go!!

  19. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!

  20. Yay!!!! How exciting Gina. Congratulations.

    Much love,


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