Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Edwina Scissorhands!

Today is my daughter's 17th Birthday! 

 I don't know where the time has gone....

17 birthday candles
(plus 1 for good luck!)

I had to include this last photo.

She was invited to a friend's birthday party last weekend
and they had to dress like a character from  one of the decades, 
from the 50s on.
She wanted to be Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's
& we had everything all set for it, but the day before the party,
she heard another girl was dressing as Audrey.
In a panic, she became Edwina Scissorhands!
From Audrey to Edwina!  lol
From what I understand, she was quite a hit as Edwina, too!

We are headed out to a big birthday dinner for our girl.
I'll be back tomorrow with my Spring living room.


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  1. Happy Birthday! It goes by way too fast, doesn't it, Gina?

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Oh how fast they grow.

    Her Edwina outfit was awesome- how CLEVER of her - and all in a pinch too, wow!

    I hope this last year of childhood is good for her in every way. God bless.


  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She is gorgeous. 17!!!! Wow! xo Diana

  4. Happy Cake n Candle day to your beautiful daughter! Great costume! They grow up fast,,,enjoy the year ahead.

  5. That little doll dressed in pink has grown into a beautiful young woman!!! Happy birthday sweet child!!!

  6. Sending your daughter "happy birthday" wishes!!
    Time really speeds by, doesn't it??!!
    She is a doll, and has a million watt smile.
    Hope she had a great day!


  7. Oh my goodness, look how grown up she. She is so beautiful. Happy belated birthday to Olivia.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. That’s just wonderful birthday party!! The kiddos really grow fast. My daughter also celebrated her 15th birthday at one of the prettiest party venues Houston TX. I can’t believe how these 15 beautiful years have flown by!!


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