Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Bedroom

Can I just make a quick observation today?
Have you been following all the Christmas home tours
throughout blog land this year?

Wow, there is so much inspiration out there!
This year, more than ever,
I think everyone has really outdone themselves.
I've enjoyed so many of these beautiful home tours.
Very impressive, indeed.

I never used to decorate in the bedroom,
but each year I seem to add a little more.
I guess that's what blogging does to you!  :)

Here is the master bedroom:

It all started with the white Simply Shabby Chic bedding
from Target.  Since this room is pretty much the only room
left in the house that still has dark wood furniture, I opted for white
bedding as a compromise to my wish for white bedroom furniture.
All in due time.

I gave the shelf a few Christmas touches.

My dresser got dressed up for the holidays as well.

I have a lot of Christmas jewelry.  Some I've had since I was in high school.
I may not wear much of it now, but I still pull it out each year.
This year, I thought I'd put it on display for something different.

That's my simple but festive master bedroom. 
Hope you enjoyed it. 

Thanks for visiting me today.
The tour continues...


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  1. Just beautiful!! I love the way that you have your Christmas jewellery out too! xx

  2. Hi Gina, such a lovely vision. I love your shelf all decorated and your touches of Christmas everywhere in your room.

  3. Love it! The touches of red looks so beautiful against the white. Very pretty!

  4. The little touches of Christmas here and there in your bedroom are perfect. Looks so festive. Love it.



  5. Sweet and simple, yet beautiful.
    Nice job....once again, Gina.

    Our M.B. furniture is also natural wood colored.... maple.
    I have decided to give it a make-over in the new year :)

    Merry Christmas, my friend.


  6. Beautiful and festive! Love the red accents.

  7. I love your bedroom, Gina! I personally love the dark furniture, especially against your walls, with the shabby chic bedding. What a great idea to display your Christmas pins on a tray! The red snowflake pillow is the perfect accent.

  8. Your bedroom is perfect Gina, don't know how you could make it look any nicer or prettier. Love your snowflake pillow and such a wonderful way you displayed your holiday jewelry. If I knew where all my holiday jewelry is I'd get it out to display on a pretty tray. Great way to add color and textures to your bedroom without a lot of clutter. I thought your bedroom looked so calm and serene. the better is gorgeous.

  9. The day I decorate my bedroom for Christmas will be the day I'm finally organized... LOL! My bedroom is where all the presents, wrapping stuff etc. is strung about. I LOVE your bedroom Gina. You added just the perfect touches for Christmas. I love your tray of Christmas jewelry too.

  10. Festive rooms abound at your house!! I do not decorate the bedroom...but who knows maybe one year??! I really like the tray with all the holiday jewellery on it...great idea! Pretty linens on your bed,,,very nice!!

  11. Well, I think it's just perfect Gina! I have not had a lot of time to visit lots of the home tours, but boy do I want to. I have decorated my bedroom for years and love the festiveness that it brings. Visions of sugar plums and such. lol! Love the bedding and your shelf is just darling all decked out! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  12. Looks beautiful Gina! I love the red & white! The most I have is a snowman on my nightstand. You have inspired me to step up my game for next year. Your room looks so pretty!!! ♥

  13. I love your bedroom.
    So cozy and warm and then fun filled with those Christmas Jewelry.
    Enjoy The Season,

    PS - I didn't decorate but for the Living Room and a small detail in the Kitchen and when finished I was ready to call off Christmas ahahahah. Slight exaggeration but when you have to decorate and run errands and everyone keeps asking when the tree goes up it can turn a Christmas lover like me into a perfect Scrooge ;)


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