Monday, July 21, 2014

Pantry Door Whimsy

Back in 2009, I painted my kitchen cabinets. 
They went from oak to white.

 I have a pantry that's just off the kitchen.
For some unknown reason, 
I never painted the doors to the pantry 
when I painted all those kitchen cabinets in 2009.

I guess I was thinking the pantry is not actually in the kitchen, 
so I could leave them alone.

 It only took 5 years for me to realize those pantry
doors would look better in white!!! lol
 I wish I had a before picture. 
 Why didn't I take a before picture?

Here are the doors, after I finished painting them:

In this narrow hallway,
the kitchen entry is to the left, 
a window to the right.

I bought new curtains for the window.
Having always admired these from Country Curtains
for their cottage appeal, 
I decided it was high time I bought them:

I love those wide ruffles!

Now the trouble was, 
because there is always trouble when I do something,
there seemed to be a lot of white in this hallway now, 
with most of it concentrated in this one area.

So, I decided to add just a little something to the doors to
break up some of that white. Something different.

A little whimsy.... the form of  vinyl decals, purchased on Etsy,
(This was the same shop where I purchased my stair decals.)

It's funny how just by adding a little detail
like this, is enough to change
the look, break up all the white, and make me happy.

When I come in my back door, 
I now see this as I enter the kitchen.  
Simple though it may be,
the little birdies make me smile every time.

A lovely week to all of you!


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  1. Gina, you added the perfect touch to this spot!! Adorable and fun! The decals look great with the hardware on the doors.
    Mary Alice

  2. So cute and cheerfully sweet!
    What type of paint did you use on your cabinets, Gina?
    Have a great week!

  3. How pretty! Love, love your new decal and your curtains are gorgeous. Very pretty update! Maria

  4. I love buying from Country Curtains. In fact I have visited their store in Massachusetts. I love the added bird decal to your pantry, just the perfect touch.

  5. Super cute the added decals and love your new curtains too!!

  6. Adorable Gina. My kind of touch right there:)

  7. Love the changes!!
    How happy those little birds are. That area is going to make you smile...every time you look at it.

    Smiles :)


  8. Oh Gina, your pantry doors and the ruffled window curtains look so pretty. You're so right, the birdie decals add the right touch and they would make me smile, too.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. Your comments aren't emailed to me anymore, but I see them in the comments section. Yours aren't the only's so frustrating! I also don't receive any posts emailed to me from Feedburner, either. :-(

  9. Hi Gina,
    How cute, I love the decals on your doors! it really did purk up all the white. Good choice! and those curtains Love love love them!
    Yeah for you and a big high five!!! I am so proud of you, I need to do WW's so bad. I know it works, I have done it before, I just have to get off my butt and do it.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  10. Love the little whismy.
    Very cute!

    M :)

  11. Love the little whismy.
    Very cute!

    M :)

  12. You are so darn clever!!! I don't know how you think of some of the ideas you come up with. I would have never thought, "let me find some decals to make this area perfect!!!" Genius!


  13. You are so darn clever!!! I don't know how you think of some of the ideas you come up with. I would have never thought, "let me find some decals to make this area perfect!!!" Genius!


  14. Love it! It's totally adorable! It's the little touches that always make my day too! Every time you have a new post I love your home more and more! : )

  15. Very it!!! Prissilla curtains have always been one of my fresh and old fashioned!!!

  16. The all white atmosphere didn't bother me... it was soothing, welcoming and so elegant... but decal made me smile. As it's meant to.
    We all seem to have things undone around the house and this seems the right time to do your pantry door. After the decal in your stairs you'd know better what you wanted for this space.
    Such a sweet nook in an already fabulous home.
    Well done,

  17. Very pretty Gina! I sigh.... every time someone says they painted their oak cabinets. Just know, if that post EVER pops up on my blog, I will be celebrating! One day... Love the decals too!

  18. Really cute Gina! I'll be sure to stop by her Etsy shop!

  19. This is the perfect accent for your white pantry, Gina! I love, love, love the curtains! Funny how we walk by places and then one day something jumps out at us like the oak pantry. My laundry room was the same way. I love what you have done to this area! You are very talented! I appreciate your kind comment on my blog today. For some reason I am not receiving emails to answer you back personally. I'm so sorry! Have a fabulous week!

  20. Hi Gina, the little whimsy you added is adorable!!

  21. Its perfect Gina! I love the white pantry doors, and who knew you could find such cute little add ons! Great job!

  22. This is brilliant design, seriously.

    Well done, my friend.

    And birdies? How are they ever a bad plan? TOO DANGED CUTE!!

  23. I love it...And you know how much I love birdies too...they also made me smile.



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