Monday, July 14, 2014

Lighter, It's a Wonderful Thing!

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, 
but I never could sit down long enough to do it.
Well, that and the fact I was afraid I'd hex myself.

Can I just say that lighter is a wonderful thing?

I know you're asking, 
"What exactly does Gina mean by lighter?"

Well for starters, here is heavier:

Yeah, Heavier, with a capital "H."

Believe me, I was never one to have my picture taken.
Being Heavier (capital H),  I  ran from the camera.
That picture was taken on Christmas Day 2013.

Now I will share lighter.
7 months later...taken this past weekend.
(Sorry, I don't have the selfie in the mirror thing down, so 
you'll just have to bear with me.)

44 pounds lighter! 

 We used the old Weight Watcher system and did it
with a "let's try & just see what happens-no pressure" attitude.  
I think that helped, along with the fact that 
my husband came along for the ride, and my kids too.  
I didn't put the kids on the diet,
 but they endured my lighter, healthier cooking 
with rarely a complaint.
(Funny thing:  looking at that before picture and looking
& my daughter today, she too, looks thinner to me now.)

In case you are wondering, I highly recommend 
this website, Skinny Taste,
if you are looking for healthy & tasty recipes.
I've made many, many, many of her recipes
and I've been pleased with 98% of all I've tried.

Now, there has been shopping, lots of shopping!
My entire Summer wardrobe was too big.
Not that I'm complaining, but wow, it's hard building up a 
wardrobe from scratch, especially when you 
have to have something to wear to work everyday. 

Here's some of the old Summer wardrobe, stacked up
getting ready to be donated:

Lots of empty hangers:

Summers are short here.   When it's time to try on my
Fall/Winter wardrobe, I'll probably have triple the amount of
clothes to get rid of.  Eek!  

A lot of good has come from this weight loss...
besides all the shopping and being able to buy clothes 
anywhere & everywhere now.
I take the stairs everyday at work and I no
longer have to gasp for air when I reach the 3rd floor.
My cholesterol was borderline & it dropped 72 points.
I try to go for a walk regularly and I just plain feel better.

I don't want to give the impression that I am
the perfect dieter and have been for the past 7 months.
There are always days, or even weekends,
where I've been to parties or out to dinner,
and I've eaten more than I should have.
What is very different with me this time around though,
is the fact that I can tell myself, 
"it's ok, just begin again tomorrow."  
Whenever I'd dieted in the past and
had a bad eating day, I would get angry
with myself & give it all up for lost.
Not this time!

People are always asking me what my goal is.
I never set a goal when I started this.  
Remember I was just doing this with that 
"let's try & just see what happens-no pressure" attitude.
It worked & I'm very grateful.  
I do realize I have more weight to lose.
 I'm still heavy, just with a small h this time.  :)

I know I was not meant to be a size 2 and I'm fine with that.

Lighter is good,
lighter is a wonderful thing!


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. You look amazing!!! Wow Gina!!! So proud of you girl!!! How inspiring and how much fun to clear your wardrobe for smaller sizes. I lost 20 and I'm holding steady. I'm ready to get 20 more off! I'll check out the skinny website for recipes. I got bored with eating the same stuff over and over.
    So great Gina!! You go girl!!!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you've made a lifestyle change and it agrees with you. :)

  3. So happy for you, Gina.
    Well done!!! You deserved to feel lighter and happier with yourself.
    Didn't change a thing in you but everything for you.
    Well done! And keep the attitude and the spree ahahahah
    And thank you for sharing. It is so great to read honest accounts like yours.
    Go Gina!!!

  4. Congratulations! That's a big accomplishment and you look fabulous! I need to do this but have always failed at each attempt. Thumbs up!

  5. You look great Gina! You go GIRL! Congratulations!

  6. Gina!
    You look amazing!
    But most of all, you health will benefit from this! I am about 45 pounds overweight. You have given me encouragement! I am going to go check out that site!
    Enjoy your new slimmer Summer wardrobe!

  7. Gina, way to go!!!!
    You are beautiful, inside and out, and you have such a beautiful countenance!
    It is a difficult thing to lose weight, and you have done a fantastic job at sticking to it!! I love your positive attitude!!
    You are an inspiration!

    Your daughter is also beautiful, and how lucky she is to have a mom that sets such a good example of being positive and loving as you do!!!

    Many happy wishes for continued success.


  8. Wow Gina!!! You were beautiful before and now you're slim and beautiful!!! Good for you, that's awesome:)

  9. Way to go Gina! I love your attitude and your results. You are doing it the right way. :)

  10. Wow, great job,and you look wonderful.

  11. Good for you girlfriend!!! You look amazing but most important is how you feel, and that is amazing too!!! Healthy is a good thing!! Keep up the good work.....xoxo

  12. You look so wonderful Gina, I'm so proud of you! It's hard I know, I gained 18 lbs when I quit smoking and it's tough when your metabolism is so messed up! Lighter is better, if you don't mind I think I'll use that as my new quote.=)

    I'm going to see what she makes and see if I can make those recipes!

  13. Wow, you look great! No pressure is always best. That website sounds intetesting.
    Countinued success!

    M : )

  14. I am sooo impressed! You look amazing! I know how hard it is to loose weight. Enjoy shopping for new clothes. :)

  15. WOW Gina, way to go!! You look absolutely amazing. What fun for you to be able to get a new wardrobe. About 15 years ago, I lost 30 pounds on The Zone diet. I've kept it off and now it's just a lifestyle for me. Watching carbs and having enough protein is key for me.
    I'm sure your family is so proud of you and you're all healthier,too.

  16. Woo Hoo! You go girl! I am so excited and proud of you. You look absolutely beautiful and healthy. Enjoy your new, beautiful, lighter you. Sending you lots of lovin'.

    Much love,

  17. You look awesome my friend! Way to go! Have fun in your new summer wardrobe!

  18. Gina you look FABULOUS and NO you are not heavy with a smaller H you look great!! Happy shopping:-)

  19. Fantastic Gina. I have struggled with my weight ever since my second pregnancy. I never really had issues before but ever since it has just piled on an on. I think the no-stress approach is the only approach and you need to believe that you can do it...and you did. :)

  20. Gina, congratulations, you must feel wonderful!!! I always revert back to weight watchers too! what fun getting rid of all of those clothes!!!


  21. Wow!!! Gina, you look Amazing!!! You are an inspiration!!! It's so hard to stay on track! You look beautiful and I love your attitude! Way to go, girl! xo

  22. Good for you. I would like to lose a bit...not much, but just haven't gotten into it YET!

  23. Hi Gina, you deserve so much credit. I say, congrats woman! You look amazing and the definitely worked. I bet you feel better too. Kudos...

  24. Bee-yoo-tee-ful!!!! I love it and think you look just wonderful. I needed this inspiration this morning. I was doing so well, and then life got kind of yukky and I tried to eat it all away. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  25. Oh wow, congratulations!!!! You look amazing. I am trying to lose 20 lbs. It is hard work. Great pictures and keep up the good work.

  26. OMG - how did I miss this? Gina you lost 44 pounds? WOW! You look amazing, you must feel great. I am SO SO proud of you. I soooo need to lose weight - it is slow going.

    You have totally inspired me to get back on track.

    YAY for you, congrats - keep up the good work. WOW!

  27. First of all, let me just look amazing...and happy! What a great accomplishment! Second, I am so sorry that I haven't been by to visit your sweet blog in a while. Loved looking through your makeovers and fun spots of summer all throughout the house. Keep up the good work. I love your attitude about the weight loss. I tend to do well for a bit, then mess up and keep the bad mojo going. I need to just start fresh each day. Thanks for the inspiration!


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