Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Painting of the Clock Tower

Well hello there friends!

Summer is moving along so quickly.  My weekends have been jam-packed with activities.  We've finally ceased with all the rain, but man it's hot...and humid.  Oh is it humid!  I'm not complaining though.  I will suffer in silence because that's all I seem to do is complain about the weather.  Before you know it, I'll be complaining about the snow.  Right?  So no complaints here.

Anyway, as I type, this is what my dining room looks like: 

And this...this is what my dining room looked like last summer:

Notice anything different?  Maybe you need to scroll up and take another look?
Anything? Anything?
I painted the clock tower over in the corner of the room!
See it now?
The clock tower was a pretty piece of furniture.  Dark finish and flowers painted in orange, gold & red.  My husband bought it for me from Pier 1 many years ago.
Trouble is, pretty or not, it was just too dark for my taste.     
So, against my husband's advice (I'm a rebel, LOL), I gave it a little Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint. 

I know that some of you who prefer a darker, richer tone to your furniture are probably scratching your head, wondering why I painted it.  Honestly?  The dark finish just didn't go with my dining room or with the lighter cottage look that I love. 
I found this graphic from The Graphics Fairy,
and transferred it to the clock tower by using this technique.   I was a little intimidated at first,  but I found it was a very easy technique to use.   
I then took out my handy dandy little paintbrushes and some paints, and painted it all in.   Now this I was VERY intimidated by, but I managed it fairly well.  

Of course, I had to give it a sanding after I was done.

I added some pretties to the shelves.  

And that was that! 
It is kind of amazing how everything stands out against the white finish now.  Before, unless it was white, it would get lost on the dark shelves. 
I'm glad you took the time to visit me today.    Much love to you.♥♥♥
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  1. Gina, love it! I agree the clock looks so much better in a lighter paint. Love the flower stencil too. Great job, Gina.

  2. Well, I am not questioning you at all on why you painted it! I would've painted it too! It's much too pretty to get rid of so it made more sense to do a little 'tweaking' to match your decor:) Love it!


    So nice to have you "back back!"

    You did an amazing job on that clock tower - love it and so bright and cheerful and COTTAGE-Y!!

    It looks wonderful with all your summertime goodies displayed there!

    Now............did/does hubby agree, I hope hope hope?????????


    Miss you lady.

  4. Great job, Gina. I am a dark wood kind of gal, but this painting does really add to the beauty of your dining room. And you make it sound so easy!! xo

  5. Gina!
    It looks wonderful!
    Updated and fitting for your cottage style!
    Happy Summer!

  6. I think it looks fabulous in white, and I love the vine and flowers you painted on it. Great job! laurie

  7. I caught on right away that it was the skinny cabinet in the corner - didn't know it was a clock tower though.

    Your dining room is "to die for"!

    I have a piece I painted red, yellow and blue a couple of summers ago. I winced when I painted it. I remembered 35 years ago diligently stripping and refinishing the chippy green antique record (for 78 rpm) cabinet found in my parents' garage.

    I want to paint it white, but Steve is set against it. I think I have to do it on the sly and I bet he doesn't notice for weeks.

  8. I think you made the perfect choice by painting your clock white. I LOVE your dining room! The bench is so pretty.

  9. It looks great and goes so much better
    in the room.


  10. I did notice it right away. I like it much better white.
    I didn't complain about the cold and the snow just so I could complain about the heat hah. I don't like it.

  11. You did an absolutely fabulous job. I love it. You were even able to create the same flowers, that is amazing. Love the vignettes too. I would love for you to link this up to my Inspire Me Tuesday party that is live now. - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/07/bathroom-reveal-done-for-now.html Hugs, Marty

  12. It has the perfect cottage look now. Great job!

  13. You did a wonderful job. Normally, I am a natural wood person, but I think the chalk paint was a perfect choice.

  14. I saw it right away in the corner.....don't blame you for painting it since everything else is white!!! You did a nice job and it compliments everything else in the room.... And I don't mind complaining about the weather...it is stinkin hot and humid....I hate summer....can't wait for a breath of cool, fresh air!!! much love to you too....cleo

  15. I love the color you have added to your clock. It does fit in better now with all your décor. Good job!

  16. Love it! What a bright and beautiful room.

  17. It looks amazing! I love the transformation!

  18. That is wonderful, Gina - it looks fantastic. I am just trying figure out how you have the time to do all of these marvelous projects! Obviously, youth has something to do with it - hahaha!!

  19. To heck with what any of us think, what did your husband say?

  20. I heartily agree the white looks so much better with your other pieces. The dark was ok but the white is perfect in your very welcoming lovely dining room. Your pretties sure do show up so much better on clock tower now, great choice. Love your hand painted flowers and vines.
    Happy summer

  21. Very striking and the white looks much better than the darker colors it used to be. Chic and contemporary. Does your husband like it?

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  22. Gina, the clock looks fabulous!!!!! What a great job you did and yes, it does go so much better with your cottage look. Great job, as usual. Woo hoo!!!

  23. I noticed it right away. It looks just wonderful to me!

  24. I spotted it right off! Very nice. I need to go paint some things. I hate to paint.....

  25. OOO, girl...I just LOVE it. I love it lighter, too.
    Now, I have a tall clock, too, but it's black, along with a lot of other black furniture, so guess I'll leave it awhile.
    Your dining room is sooo pretty.

  26. It looks amazing, Gina! The color is just right with your decor, looks like a magazine shot! Wow, you've got painting skills, too!

  27. Oh the lighter looks so much better Gina. In fact, it was meant to be. I love it.

  28. The clock tower looks beautiful, Gina! I think you really enhanced it's beauty, and I'm usually the fan of leaving things the natural wood color. Even an old dog can change her mind sometime!

  29. Oh, Gina, I love it! It looks perfect now! I think your whole room looks better now. Great job!

  30. I think it looks absolutely fantastic! What does your husband think? I have so many dark pieces in my house that need painting...I dunno, the process seems so intimidating to me, plus I'm kinda lazy, lol.

  31. Looks fabulous, Gina! I like the change very much! Looks so pretty in your beautiful dinning room!

  32. Hey Gina! I love the new look to the clock! My hubby is the same way when it comes to painting furniture! Your dining area and your home looks so wonderful!! I have to get busy to post our reno pictures soon! Yikes! so many post ideas and so little time!! Have a great day my friend!

  33. I don't always like the painted look, but his suits the room so well. The white is perfect.


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