Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Happy List

Today, I am joining my friend, Ricki Jill from Art @ Home, for My Happy List Tuesday.


This week, I'm happy about:


Last weekend we went to see fun.  It was the first concert for both my daughter & son, and did they ever love it!

I have this video I took with my iphone.   It's just a little snippet of one of my favorite fun. songs.

I'm not good at this technical stuff, but the video here does not look as good as when I watch it from my iphone or computer.  It's blurry  & looks further away here???  We were not that far away from the stage.

Anyway, you know the last concert I went to iphones weren't even invented yet, let alone cell phones.  lol  I always remember the warning that we would hear before the concert started that said "photography & videotaping are strictly prohibited."  Wow, what a different world we live in now!   Everyone was taking pictures or taping with their phones and there was no "strictly prohibited" warning before the concert. I guess our kids today are lucky.  They can actually look back & view the concerts they went to.  I would love to see a video like this of when I saw Bon Jovi back in the 80s for their the Slippery When Wet tour.   
This week, I'm happy about:
Cooler Temps and Less Humidity 

By Wednesday, the humidity is supposed to break.  Thank goodness!
This week, I'm happy about:
The Royal Baby
Is it weird to be happy about that?  It's not like I know the family, or that I was from England even,  but I was a huge admirer of Princess Diana and I just love seeing her children and legacy live on.  
This week, I'm happy about:
NYC and Broadway Shows
On Saturday, my daughter & I are headed to NYC.  We are going to see:
I can't wait!  I love the city, I love Broadway, I love spending the day with my daughter.
What are you happy about this week?
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  1. So true about concerts today! Everyone's taping and picture taking nowadays! My first concert was in 1983, my best friend and I saw Adam Ant. Inxs opened for him and got boo'd off the stage lol.

    Yay for cooler temps and less humidity!

  2. Great happy list. I love that song!!! What a "fun" concert to attend with your children.

  3. I love the resurgence of folk rock lately. This group is very fresh and lives up to their name! I bet it was a great concert. Fun is coming to Seattle for "Bumbershoot" over Labor Day weekend.

    Enjoy, Jersey Boys...Chrislyn and I loved it.

    Speaking of Happy...I am HAPPY that you popped in for a visit yesterday!

  4. I love your Happy List!

    You have much to be smiling about!


  5. We have so much to be thankful and happy for! Today I am happy to have a quiet morning at home, sipping a cappucino, listening to the birds, thankful for the shower of rain we had last night, and getting caught up with my blog friends! Have an awesome day!

  6. I don't know about "Fun." Anything you can all do together has to be fun, right.
    The temps and rain have been a little hard on all of us. Yesterday we had almost 3 inches of rain in two hours..that's a lot of rain.
    Have fun and stay cool.

  7. You have lots of happy things on your happy list, Gina. I would love to see Jersey Boys, I live a short distance from Bway but it might as well be half way across the country! Never heard of the group "fun" but then, I am old. xo

  8. I am happy to see YOUR happy list. I already read Ricki Jill's list. I think this is a really fun thing to do. Have fun On Broadway! xo Diana

  9. Summer is all about FUN!!!

    Enjoy your visit to Broadway.

    We could use some of your rain.


  10. :D This is such a great list. I'm happy about the little royal, too! This world needs some good news, and to think that a sweet little innocent baby is getting all this attention....I think it's *great* I love fun. too....they are a great group, and it sounds like they're fantastic live! Thanks so much for linking-up, Gina. It has made my day!!!


  11. Such a fun happy list. What a great idea. Keep on sharing Gina. xo Linda

  12. Aren't teen kids the best friends you can have?!
    It's like a new chance to have that fun again.

    Enjoy - Them and Summer,



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