Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pilgrim Candy Bar Wrappers

I had to get a little crafting done in honor of Thanksgiving.

I thought I'd have some fun with it too.

I've had this link in my inspiration file for years now and decided it was time to use it.
(Oh yes, my inspiration file...you know, where I stored images I liked before Pinterest was even a twinkle in some genius' eye.)

Click here for the link to the pattern you see below (by Laurie Furnell):

But being me, and always having to make things difficult,  I couldn't just print this pattern, cut it out, and assemble.    Oh no, I had to cut the whole thing apart & make my own pieces! 

Once I made this pilgrim boy, I couldn't stand not having a pilgrim girl to go along with him.  

They now remind me of my daughter and son.  :)

I would have liked to make one of these for each place setting at Thanksgiving dinner, but that means I'd have to whip out 11 more by Thursday and I don't really see that happening.   Maybe next year...if I start earlier.

It's almost time for Turkey Day!!   Are you ready?


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  1. I won't have. But if I had I wouldn't be ready ahahahah
    Can't stay away from all your inspirations and keep changing the ideas I have.(in my case for Christmas)
    These pilgrims are just too cute.

    Happiest Thanksgiving, Dear Gina!

  2. Gina, these are too cute! You always have the cutest craft ideas!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  3. Good Morning Gina, What a lovely idea, your Pilmgrims are really sweet. Doesn't it pay to save the things which catch our eye, because in the end, we always get around to making them. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. Oh how cute are those Gina!!! You could seriously sell those! I wonder if you could do Christmas ones, like snowmen or Santa's or something?

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's just me and my hubby this year but I'm making a feast anyway:)

  5. Gina those are so cute!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. Hi Gina, these are the cutest wrappers. I love that you had an inspiration folder way before Pinterest. You are one organized lady. Have a great day Thursday! xo

  7. These are darling!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. Too cute Gina!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Those are just darling. I love them-they are just so cute. I suppose you can slip them off the candy bar and use them from year to year? Love them-whaddaya mean you can't whip up another dozen or so by Thursday?;>) xo Diana

  10. So cute!!

    I hope that you and your loved ones have a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving.


  11. Oh, these are adorable! I'm saving this post for when I have little ones around my table!!! So cleaver!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Those are precious! I am pinning this for future reference. I don't have any kids around here, but we're a bunch of big kids so we love stuff like that.

  13. I could never keep up with printouts of projects but I still go back to my Favorite bookmarks in Explorer! The Pilgrim couple are too cute!

  14. I love them! I just want to pinch their little pilgrim cheeks. Too cute. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

  15. What a clever idea-I must follow your blog to see more.

  16. Just saw these Gina. I am going to pin them and save it for next year. The grandies would love it!


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