Sunday, November 25, 2012

Joy to the World

And so the decorating has begun...

I have spent the entire weekend decorating for Christmas. I would say I'm about 90% done. I just need to add a few little touches here & there.

I wanted to share my dining room table vignette with you. 

Over the summer, I bought this amazing mercury glass pedestal at Williams Sonoma.  It's quite large & they tell me that they had just added it to the clearance table seconds before I walked in.  There was an additional 20% off all clearance that day.  It was meant to be I guess.  I stole it bought it for $12.00 & change.

I ended up changing the taper candles you see here.  I thought something taller & with a little sparkle would be better and sure enough, it was.

It's really a wonder I was able to get this angel.  I saw him at TJ Maxx last week.  I really loved him & carried him around the store for a bit, but managed to talk myself out of buying him. 

The second I took out the mercury glass pedestal, I also grabbed my white feather wreath & immediately a plan came together, if only I had bought that angel!  As luck would have it, I texted my sister to see if she was out shopping.  She was & was willing to go to TJ Maxx & see if the angel was still there.  Incredibly, he was. 

I don't know about your TJ Maxx, but with ours, if you don't buy something the minute you see it, it will most likely be gone should you go back for it the next day.  I was lucky this time!

I had to take the above photo so I could show you the snow in  the background.  We had our first snowfall! 

Here's a different view.  Notice my chalkboard all set for Christmas.  I thought Joy to the World seemed appropriate with my angel sitting nearby. 

So tell me, have you begun to decorate and if so, are you finished yet?

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  1. Hi Gina! We had snow flurries but none on the ground...yet:)
    Yes, I've been decorating but not as much stuff out as last year it seems, my tree is decorated just have to add the bows and I'm done with it.
    I love the angel and our TJMaxx are the same way, better buy it because it won't be there come tomorrow! That's why I stood for ten minutes with the birch tree logs, there was only one there and I knew it would be gone if I didn't buy it then and there:)

  2. Very pretty, Gina! How lucky your were to get the angel! It's beautiful!

    Decorating is last on my To Do list right now! lol! I have to put fall away!


  3. Great buy on the mercury glass pedastal. Your dining looks beautiful. I haven't started yet, if I did I would be bored by the 24th! We are expecting some snow Tuesday, not a happy event for me. :( xo

  4. That whole vignette came together perfectly. All made for each other!

  5. Beautiful! I have not started yet. I hope to get busy next weekend. I still have fall decorations up! Of course it is just beginning to look like fall in South Texas.

  6. Oh so pretty. Love your new angel and the new piece from W & S. The pictue with the real snow outside is perfect.
    I have started, very slowly I am afraid.

  7. WOW Gina you waste no time:) I have very little done. I love your chande and the chalkboard is cute too.

  8. Gina, you have been very busy! This is lovely and what a deal! Your home is looking lovely and very festive! I haven't started decorating yet! I have to get busy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. No not yet. That will begin next weekend. My goal for the time I was
    off school was to get caught up with
    everything at home and try to get a little rest. Ha! Ha!
    Your table and your snow looks great!

    M :)

  10. Haven't started. My mother is back in the hospital. I hope to get a start this week.

    That angel was meant to be on your dining room table. It's perfect under the added touches of elegance on your chandie!

  11. I love love the centerpiece and adore the feathers...what a wonderful combo...

  12. Gina- Your angel and mercury stand look gorgeous! You did a wonderful job and I think that angel is BEAUTIFUL. If you don't pick something up here when you see it at is GONE. I started today and got a lot done with my son's help. I hope to finish up tomorrow- xo Diana

  13. We also had some snow but now it is all gone, still very cold. Love the angel and how you decorated the chandy...very festive!!!
    I am still putting away Fall decor, washing windows, putting up clean curtains and hunkering down for winter.....and endless craft projects, new ideas keep popping into my head!!!

  14. You really did score on that pedestal Gina, it's gorgeous! And the angel is perfect on top:)

    No snow here in FL! I'd love some just for a few weeks but I doubt that will be happening:)

  15. Sooooo pretty Gina!! I love the way you dressed your chandy up too!

  16. I'm only 2% done! haha! And boy do I have a mess! I have Christmas coming in and Fall going out, and it's all sitting in the floor around the house! ...anyhow, your vignette is stunning! Love the beautiful combination of the Pedestal, glittered angel, and feather wreath! And I may borrow your idea of the chalk board. I have the perfect place for it, and your's was the inspiration! :)

  17. Gina looks pretty I'm not sure if you got my email it seems to not be working, Anyway love everything your doing..


  18. I think it is gorgeous myself. I do have to admit though sometimes when I don't buy things when I see it - I wish I had later. lol sandie

  19. Not yet. But I'm settled in inspiring and deciding what way I want to go this year... until I saw your lovely Angel setting... and the snow falling outside.

    I love those objects we wait to have and then battle to keep. This is one of them.

    Well done, Dear Lady! You're heading for Gorgeous, Soothing and Peaceful - all that the Season should be.


  20. Gina,
    Happy Holidays! I have those same angels on my mantel. I spray painted them gold.
    Love your decorations.

  21. Gina,I'm so jealous!....isn't that snow I see out your window???..send some south!!
    Love your Christmas decor,I have not yet started,but you inspire me,I'll get with it soon.

    Thanks for visiting,I'll think of you when I slice another piece of cake with coffee around 4.

  22. Gina, I love mercury glass too. I think I have similar angels (which I adore) only they're not covered in snow.
    Mary Alice

  23. Looks pretty, and a lesson learned... never ever reject an angel.


  24. A beautiful marriage of three beautiful things !

  25. Oh, I love your centerpiece and the little angel surrounded by feathers! Just perfect.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Beautiful Gina! I'm glad you were able to still get the angel! Our store is like that too! I can't get over the price you paid for the WS piece! Awesome look for an awesome price!

  27. Looks beautiful!! I love the ornaments hanging from the chandy. Is that a type of garland there too?

    I have hung white icicle lights out on my patio and a wreath on my front door ~ that's it! My daughter's house looks like a Christmas wonderland! I so hope she will allow me to share photos.

    I got out tubs of Christmas today ~ we shall see how far I get! :) Oh, and it's been in the high 70's here...79 Thanksgiving Day. Something about that is just not right.


  28. It was meant to be for you to have that angel! The entire vignette is beautiful especially with that snow in the background!

    I have a real "mess" in the house right now. Had to clear off the table just so we would have a place to eat!

  29. Oh Fina I love it, silver is such a great alternative to green and red! Snow, oh no! It sure is pretty though!


  30. Wow, Gina, that is absolutely stunning! I'd say you did "steal" that mercury glass pedestal -- it's beautiful, and so is the angel! Adore your chandy decor.

  31. Beautiful vignette Gina. Yes, Joy to the World if perfect with your little guy blowing his horn. Great bargain, glad your sister was out shopping and could pick him up just for your table.

  32. Sso happy for you to get the pedestal and the angel. I'm very jealous of course but you're such a nice lady you deserve it. Your home is so gorgeous.
    Guess I'll have to give our new T.J. Maxx a better look around. see if they have any of the gorgeous goodies you have. I'd love to find a feather wreath like yours, so pretty and soft looking.
    We're not doing as much this year, inside or out. We're by ourselves for the holidays so we don't feel as inspired to do as much. Much as I love to get the place all snazzied up it's gotten to be almost too much, but we're older, early 70's.
    I think I'll enjoy the holidays more if I don't have to think about putting all the stuff away after. I'll sure enjoy seeing what all you wonderful bloggers do, store away the ideas for some time I'm more ambitious.Happy Week

  33. Just gorgeous, Gina! Love the decorations on your chandelier and the angel is beautiful! Very pretty!

  34. The giant whoosing sound is Debbie running to her cabinet to pull out pedestals. That looks great. I love blog land. It is just so full of inspiration.

  35. Oh Gina!! I'm glad your sister
    was able to get
    the angel for you.
    It's stunning!!
    So is your arrangement.
    My decorating is DONE!!

  36. Oh sweetie was this ever meant to be. For one thing, can't believe that the angel was still there. Adding the feather wreath was a fab idea. It all looks so magical. The snow was a gift from heaven. Made special for your vignette. I have a mercury glass pedastal like that. Lucked out and found it at a trash and dent discount store for $10. I felt like I had stolen it also. lol! I would love if you would link this to Share Your Cup tomorrow!
    p.s. I'm about 90% done also.

  37. That is all so pretty, Gina. The photos are great and how perfect with a little bit of snow right out the window. Maybe I should pack up the pilgrims now.......

  38. So pretty - and I love the chalkboard in the background. Take care, Laura

  39. Gina I love all the silver and white you've used this year! So elegant and vintage looking! :D

    I'm keeping things simple this year. I'm decorating with votives, candles, poinsettias, and fresh greenery in a couple of weeks...I'm adopting a more European approach because we've been so overwhelmed with Trip's mom and everything.


  40. Everything is gorgeous. I am done too! Love doing it - it is my favorite thing besides the Christmas music. That pedestal is fabulous. Yes, TJ Maxx/Home Goods appears to be the same everywhere. Wish their buyers would buy more, more more! I adore your setting and the chalkboard is wonderful. I want to get one. It is so cute!

  41. Gina your table dec is gorgeous,what a bargain. I love the way you have hung the lovely decs on the chandi too. I love to do that. Snow,aaaah how lovely. Reminds me of my childhood in England. We are sweltering today at 39c and 40 tomorrow. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment. xx

  42. Good Afternoon Gina, Your photos are so very pretty. The angel your sister managed to get for you, was definitely meant for you, as the display on your table looks wonderful. I love the mercury glass stand. Everything fits together beautifully. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  43. Gorgeous decor Gina. I love how you dressed the chandelier. You have some fabulous mercury glass. it's stunning.

  44. What a terrific centerpiece! I absolutely love it!

  45. I love that centrepiece. We finally have snow here so I am truly motivated to start decorating.

  46. How nice to have had the snow during the decorating session. We have had flurries / showers but little accumulation yet. Still it puts you in the mood. Lovely centerpiece and angel! :) I decorated the day after thanksgiving...but my house is little and it basically just takes a few hours

  47. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Happy December 1st my friend. Love the mercury piece, angel and everything. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :-)

    Warm hugs,


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