Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Primp Your Pumpkin...or not!

When  a few bloggers got together & decided to have a
Primp your Pumpkin party, I thought,
"Great idea, I'm in!"

This may be a long post, but I think you will find it

Not having a real plan (as I never do), I gathered
some supplies.

Oh good heavens, what IS that in the corner of that photo?

Those wrestlers are bound & determined to show up on my
blog over & over again!

Anyway, I used the orange pumpkin & after spending
way too much time on my primping project,
I decided I hated it.
(sorry, no picture)

I thought, ok...maybe it's the orange that is throwing
the whole thing off.  I then took everything apart
and decided to spray the orange pumpkin
with a metallic bronze spray paint.
That would surely be the cure!
I then glued all the embellishments onto
the bronze pumpkin.

No, it wasn't pretty at all! 
Brace yourself
while I let the pumpkin do the talking....

Is it a UFO?  A crown for the Sultan of Brunei?
I don't have a clue, but I know that it's U-G-L-Y!
(look I made a rhyme)

I won't even begin to tell you the comments made
by my loving family about this pumpkin!

Yet, here I am...still determined to produce a primped pumpkin.
I will not be knocked down!!  I am nothing if not persistent.
I shall overcome!  I still have a white
pumpkin to use, right?

Well, I get it in my head that glitter would be a good thing.
So I glittered my pumpkin. 

Nope, not pretty!
There are no words to describe how I feel.
Mr. Pumpkin...I'll let you do the honors....

I have to report, that I am now officially beat down.
Down & Out.
There is no way  I am going to spend another
minute or hour primping another pumpkin!

Call me crazy, but I know when to quit.

I look forward to enjoying all your primping and I promise
not to make one snarky comment about your beautiful primped
pumpkins even though mine were epic fails. 
Scouts honor.

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  1. I thought your pumpkins were wonderfully beautiful! sandie

  2. Oh Gina you are a stitch. You totally get an A for effort!

  3. hehehehehe....
    I have tears going down my face.


    Hugs girls, I love you :)))

    PS-they aren't that bad. Man, you are a picky punkin momma. lol

  4. I'd give you an A+ for try, trying again and for showing us what you perceive to be fails. You know what they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". All the elements were pretty, maybe just not placed in their best location? I could see the rosette one with the flowers up on top and maybe the rhinestones going vertical? Just a thought. If nothing else, the wrestler had his 15 seconds of fame ;-)

  5. I love this! You have me literally laughing out loud!
    I kinda like your UFO baskketball.

  6. L M A O!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I will say I really love the last one. OMG...do you remember a few years back I decorated pumpkins and they were a fail. I think I need to dig those out of my archives, I forgot about that nightmare. Thanks for sharing Gina, LOVED your post.

  7. I think your pumpkins were beautiful! So much effort went into them. Wish I knew about this party, but then again, I may not have had a photo that I'd want to post. lol xo

  8. Gina, this is hilarious!! I give you credit for "keeping it real"!! LOL!

  9. Oh my gosh girl I am rolling on the floor with laughter. Not because of your pumpkins, but because of what you wrote. I get it totally, sometimes it just doesn't come out like we imagine. You get an A for effort. And really, they are not that bad. The basketball comment make me laugh so bad. Oh if pumpkins could talk.

  10. Cracking up...all I kept thinking was...horizontal lines...no good for the waistline!!
    I think they are cute...

  11. hahaha you had me at the wrestler doll

    omg you are so funny

  12. The wrestler made me laugh. Maybe he had an idea to help your primping.

    M :)

  13. These made me laugh, especially the UFO pumpkin. I'm not crafty so I didn't even try so you did better then I did!
    hugs, Linda

  14. OMG!!! you crack me up. You tried and I you succeeded...
    A+ in my books.... Linda

  15. I agree with everyone! You get an A+++++! I tried to mod podge some pumpkins for this party and, let me tell you, I won't be trying that again any time soon. Nope, not me!!! LOL

  16. Ha ha! I can relate with my linen orb. I think prop the princess and the basketball in a basket that has been draped with a fluffy afghan or other cloth and both of those would be just right for fall!

  17. well, after i saw your mantel, I was inspired to do my mantel. now maybe i am inspired to have some fun with my plain 10 yr old orange plastic pumpkins....

  18. You are too funny!
    You certainly have a great sense of humor :)

  19. I think your pumpkins are quite pretty, Gina!

  20. hilarious! :) if at first you don't succeed try, try again, eh? you did well to keep on trying! :)

  21. Oh my goodness, this was SO funny!! Those are some fab punkins!!

  22. I am voting for the Sultan's crown! Seriously Gina they are not that bad.

  23. Gina, Gina, Gina, you need to stop being so hard on yourself and those adorable pumpkins! You did good girl!!!

  24. Ok, Gina, you are an official comedienne! :) I didn't even get that far. I had such a great design idea and nope, just did not work out.

    Kudos to you for trying!


  25. I love them Gina, especially the last one that you said looked like a basketball.lol I think it turned out great!

  26. Okay so now I have tears streaming down my face and I'm going to have to go blow my nose...you crack me up!

  27. THAT is the hardest I have ever laughed on a blog! That was worth it. I call that success...to make that many people LOL!

  28. This goes in the BBB (Bliss Blogging Book) as one of my favorite posts. I do lots of smiling at funny posts, and a few giggles, but when I actually laugh I know it's funny. So go get some clear glass globes. Winner.


  29. Cracking UP here!!

    and keep those wrestlers coming : )

  30. How did I miss this hilarious post the first time around?? When I saw Bliss's comment on today's post I knew I had to come looking. You are a hoot and you actually make a pretty cute pumpkin too!!


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