Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Written on the Wall & Another Thank You

Do you remember
when I bought this picture at a garage sale?

I was immediately drawn to the frame. 
It was heavy, a generous size at 29" x 53"
and I loved the chunkiness of the frame itself.   
For $12, I thought why not? 

With the help of a little Heirloom White spray paint,
along with some chalkboard paint,
I now have this gracing our
dining room wall:

 I think I will enjoy changing the quote
for the different holidays/seasons.

Kind of fun, huh?

As you can see, I've given you a little
glimpse of Fall around her.
I have alot more Fall to share with you. 
I love seeing everyone's Fall decor,
don't you?



Please let me say that
I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate
all your kind, sweet and heartwarming words

I never imagined that our home would be so
well received and enjoyed by so many.
I'm overwhelmed by the response, honestly.
You certainly know how to make a girl
feel good and for that I thank each
and every one of you from the bottom
of my heart!

And to Debbie, I have no words adequate enough
to thank you for all that you have done for me & for
all bloggers, everywhere. You're one in a million!
Thank you!



Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Beautiful! I love your fall inspired dining room table. This pretty chalkboard is going to get a lot of use. I think it's a great idea to change it up for each of the seasons or even for a special occasion like a birthday celebration. Have a fabulous Monday!

  2. Gina!
    OMGoodness! How pretty is that chalkboard!
    Debbie was right to beg you!
    I LOVE your home. I am so glad for that house! It holds such love and
    passion! My visits to you and your home always bless my heart!
    The arched door ways... my favorite fireplace and the arched shelves ob the wall...all so beautiful. the breakfast nook...beyond sweet!

  3. Gina, that turned out beautifully! Don't you just love turning thrift finds into beautiful treasures? This is so pretty!

  4. That is a great chalkboard...I noticed your ceiling....did you wallpaper it?

  5. Fabulous chalkboard, love your centerpiece. You have such a warm and welcoming home, Gina. xo

  6. I love your chalkboard! It's going to be so fun to change out the quotes, you did a great job. I love the vignette on your table, too. I am so inspired to start fall decorating just by seeing all the pretty decor on the blogs!

    I missed your home tour so I am going to pop over to Debbie's! Have a wonderful day, Gina! :)


  7. Gina this is a great chalkboard! Love the quote and it will be great fun to change for holidays and seasons! hugs, Linda

  8. Gina..
    it's perfect!!
    You are going to cause a run on old pictures, at thrift stores around the country,**giggle*!

    Tomorrow is the big day around here... we are going to start getting things decorated for Fall.
    Planting mums, and breaking out the grapevine, etc..


  9. p.s
    Love the quote on your chalkboard.
    It's perfect.
    I'm going to 'borrow' that for my chalkboard too.
    Thanks !

  10. Gina that's a perfect size of frame. Who could turn down a deal like that. Yours looks amazing so does your table display.

  11. Now that was a great find, isn't it crazy that we see a fabulous white picture frame and all other people see is an ugly old picture and pass it by!!


  12. Hello Gina, What a lovely idea, I'm looking forward to seeing the different quotes you write on your board. It's interesting to see Fall (which we call Autumn) decorations, as we don't do this in England. The next time we decorate is Christmas (which I love). Best Wishes Daphne

  13. Awww...I love it, Gina. What I like even more is the wonderful thank you that you wrote. You SOOO deserved all the praise you got. Your home is warm and lovely-just like you! xo Diana

  14. You did a great job there Gina. Like the white.

  15. Beautiful make-over Gina and I love that quote! I couldn't agree more what Dana wrote about your home and you!! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  16. I do like seeing all the Fall decorating, too bad I spent the day going through the closet of the youngest who has hand me downs from his 3 older brothers. Tomorrow I decorate?


  17. Your bargain frame looks great with the chalkboard and love the saying. Do you know who the author of the quote is? Where do you store your out of season decorations? What a difference a coat of paint made to that gorgeous frame.
    Your dining room is sooooo nice, love all your autumn decorations. That metal stand with autumn greenery/fruit is really snazzy.

    I'd do some of my own decorating if somebody ever digs the fall deco boxes out. Not going to hold my breath. It won't be dug out unless I go in shed to find it myself, then somebody nameless will grumble about the mess I'm making.
    No comment. The things we have to learn to keep peace in our marriage huh? lol Ours is almost 44 yrs.

  18. Absolutely beautiful chalkboard. I have been looking for the perfect frame to do something similar. Love the look. Amazing for $12.

  19. I love making a chalkboard out of a beautiful frame. Yours looks so great in your dining room.
    Mary Alice

  20. Fabulous idea Gina! Love the chalkboard. So very handy and you will make good use of it. Your dining table is so pretty with the fall accents.

  21. Thanks for stopping by today and pinning the Creamy Italian Crockpot Chicken. You are always so sweet with your compliments. Have a wonderful week!

  22. I totally agree about Debbie...and I thought your home tour was perfect. Just like the blackboard!

  23. What a wonderful fix to give that beauty a new life! And again, your home is warm, beautiful and delightful. Just like you.

    PS-Ya know I think Debbie is pretty special too ;)

  24. That's such a great frame for a chalkboard! I really like the idea of changing the quote to match the seasons. I wish I could get ready for fall, it's still just too hot here!

  25. Nice transformation Gina,nice table centre too. x

  26. I love the pinecone candleholders and the pinecones hanging from the chandy! Great redo of the chalkboard too!

  27. Hi Gina, love your chalkboard with that cute and appropriate saying. You have a pretty start on fall decorating. Look forward to seeing what you do next.

  28. Cute, cute, cute! :) ...and I can't wait to see your Fall decor! Thinking I'm finally ready to get mine out too!

  29. I love your chalkboard! Your handwriting is so neat.....I can tell you are a teacher! ;P

  30. LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! I need to work on my fall todo list!!! : ) Have a great wednesday

  31. Gina,

    Your chalkboard is a great addition to your beautiful dining room.

    I love the quote and your pretty scrollie.


  32. Gina, I love what you have done with that frame. Thanks for the little glimpse of fall. Looking good!
    Love to you, Ginger

  33. What an awesome idea! It looks wonderful as a chalkboard! Very creative!

  34. I love it! I'm still trying to figure out space for a chalkboard. I like to have quotes, etc., on display.

    Your home is incredibly beautiful! I'm so happy you feel better about sharing. :)


  35. Love it and your fall decor, especially the little pine cone looking thingys hanging from the light fixture!

  36. No thank YOU Gina for sharing with us. It was so beautiful and your home was well received because it is filled with such love and charm. Everyone wants to move in:) I love that chalkboard!


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