Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing to Share Except Complaints

I mean really?   That's the title of this post?  Oh sure Gina, that'll pull them in.  Just what everyone wants to do is listen to you complain!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, so can I just begin my list of complaints now?

...5 baseball/softball games in the next 6 days...

...Sitting at my daughter' softball game last week in the cold and rain has given me a head cold that I can't    seem to shake...

...I have too many projects started that I can't seem to finish...

...The stairs are waiting to be sanded...

...There is an unfinished tablescape on my dining room table...

...My dining room is filled with an assortment of chairs (don't ask)...

...I have a banner for the mantel half constructed...

...My new quilt is lying on the floor of the bedroom waiting to be put on the bed...

...Spring cleaning is no where near done...

...You are all blogging too much and I can't keep up with your posts...

...I have some sort of tooth/mouth pain, wisdom teeth trouble perhaps...

...My lists of things to do keeps growing every day, cross 1 thing off, add 15 more...

...I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, good heavens, what was I thinking...

...I am trying to give up sugar & flour, I've survived Day 1 so far...

...The weather is all over the place & getting on my last nerve...

Please tell me you can all relate to my insanity. 
And you know I'm losing it to post that horrible picture of myself! 


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Poor Gina, you are having a bit of hectic time of it.

    Sit down have a coffee, relax for a few minutes, everything will still be there afterwards (sorry).

    Check your list, does it all really need to be done? If you can give some tasks to the kids, share your burden!!

    Throw the scales out, they always lie.

    I hope you get on top of everything soon, but really you wouldn't be human if you weren't pulling your hair out!

  2. Awww...girl, and I went and added another thing to your to do list LOL! It all gets better, one day at a time! Take a deep breath.

  3. I feel your pain Gina.... slow down and try and be calm,


  4. OH! I CAN relate.
    I have been known for filling my plate!
    I was a busy working Mom like you. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE? Not enough sleep. That contributes to the weight gain as well...and your body doesn't heal itself. So if you are sacrificing sleep, the tablescape and blogging can be placed on hold.
    I love to have you visit 34th street...But if you don't pop in for a week...and on the next visit, you tell me that you got some rest and are feeling better...it would bless my heart!

  5. deeeep breath... and remember to let it out! haha, you'll be fine. I can relate to the sugar/white flour thing. I recently managed to -20 lb. no small feat! you can do it!

  6. No sugar, no flour....maybe that is what I need to do as well! All those 'whites' are supposed to be the problem. Breathe deeply and slowly....then head off for a massage, pedicure, manicure and a nice lunch out with a dear friend. Well, that is what my mother always tells me. ;)

  7. I feel the anxiety every now and then too Gina, but we always work thru it! On day at a time!

    PS- Felt a little bit of it last week, my son had 4 baseball games in a week the we even added in a soccer practice and soccer game (no time for projects)!!

  8. I love you girl! Thank you for being REAL! I think we need ro share our struggles once in a while. It reminds others that EVERYONE is human. And its normal and it's okay if we're not wonder woman. I bet your teeth hurt because of a sinus infection. I've had that happen to me many times. I pray you feel better soon.

  9. I can so relate to your insanity! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with all the yard work to be done....taking it one day at a time!

  10. Oh boy.....you're my missing twin! I am too guilty so i have no advice...do what all those other people are saying and hope for the best...one step, one project, one game, one dinner...at a time.
    Blessings, Lorraine
    The picture's not bad...you're smiling...or is that a grimace?

  11. The picture is funny. I save the crazy pictures of my grandchildren for days like this, hah.
    You are just at a busy stage with your kids......oh I remember.....it was a cray time.
    Hope it all gets done.

  12. Thank God for friends to share our frustrations with! Now I'm headed outside to pull weeds from the front flower bed. I'd much rather be sewing, or crafting, or cooking...

  13. Hi Gina,

    I can relate as I run around without my head at times. I've been tripping over my own two feet. lol

    Don't sweat the small stuff :)


  14. Oh how real it is. I agree throw out those scales they never tell the truth. Isn't it so true running in all directions. Remember you are not super woman. Take a deep breathe.
    That's it. Now doesn't that feel better.

  15. Everyone can relate. I'll add one more to your list...blogger doesn't work and you can't schedule posts anymore!!! Deep breath...sometimes making a list and checking it off as you go through makes it more manageable.

  16. Oh my sweet and dear friend...I can definitely relate, more than you think. Plus, I've had this horrible headache for the past couple of days that has rendered me absolutely useless. Hang in there...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just take one day at a time...I know, I know, easier said than done...Well I hope I take my own advice too :-) Sending you a great big hug.

    Tons of love,

  17. Aw, you poor thing!!! So glad to hear you are normal!!! I was just beating myself up for not blogging or doing tablescapes for weeks now, and it didn't make it any better either!!! My solution....take a nap....when I am well rested, things seems to fall in place. Now have to get my car inspected, totally forgot last month, hope I don't get a ticket, that would make my life perfect.....hugs...cleo

  18. I know what you mean Gina, I'm busier now than when I had four little ones running around! It all works out though, remember the kids are more important then blogging, so enjoy the games! When my oldest son coached I told him I'd be there for every game except when it rained, I always get sick when I sit in it! Right now I'm battling a sore throat that I must have picked up at Samantha's birthday party Thursday...so you see it never ends:)

  19. Oh Gina my list is so much longer then I can get done in the time I have to do it! On top of that I've been exhausted lately! Yikes! Hang in there, as it can only get better!!!! Hugs, Linda

  20. I'm so sorry, Gina, but I can relate. I have so many projects to finish around my house, cleaning etc., so what am I doing about it? I'm going to Disneyland!

  21. Ok, clearly these complaints are because you are grumpy and your body needs sugar and flour. What are you thinking giving these up? Seriously though, I could never even try to give these up, I would die!
    There is never enough time to do everything... just got to do it one thing, one step, one day at a time!

  22. I know you are having a hard time, but your picture made me laugh and laugh! We all have had days, when we feel like that - hope it all gets much better soon!!

  23. That's a great photo Gina! It says it all:)

    I think all of us moms can relate to what you're going through. I was a single mom for 5 years, I had full custody of my boys and I worked full time...it could get so overwhelming at times! We lived in a apartment so I spent my days of trekking back and forth to the laundry room...it was not fun! But it does pass and before you know it, your kids will be grown up. I have more free time than I know what to do with now!!!

    Hang in there:)

  24. Here's a little perspective from your older friend who has been where you are. :o) Some day you will be sitting in your spring-cleaned house with your quilt on your bed and your tablescape finished...but your house will be empty and your children will be gone. I know it seems a million years away but believe me it comes before you know it. Being sick sucks so you need to take care of yourself and get better. I always tried but didn't make it to every single golf match, basketball game or dance performance. My kids turned out great despite my failings. Take a few moments for yourself. Oh and the no sugar and flour part? Maybe this isn't the perfect time for starting something like that!
    Save that for summer. Don't you dare visit my blog or comment until you feel better. If I was closer I would bring you a casserole.

  25. You're so cute - even when you're complaining! lol Take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time and let go of those things that you can (and yes, I can relate!) Love the picture!
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Oh honey... I can relate right on down to the scale and the horrible picture. (Trust me... yours is not horrible) I don't even have the good excuse of kids games to take up my time. I'm just turned in forty directions.

  27. I totally understand! Thought my closet ceiling was repaired...there's something else wet there. :-( I think the best thing to do is throw away your scales, have a glass of wine and cross off a bunch of things from your list. Ask yourself if it will make a difference a month or year or 5 years from now?


  28. I love your blog, complaints and all*! I'll be back*!


  29. Love you...complaints and all!Projects will be there, house cleaning will be there, let those things slide...get some rest!{Trying to take my own advice!}

  30. Oh, Gina! I am having a week like yours and it is only Tuesday! I can relate!!! Today I was up at 4:15 am and I am just barely sitting down for the first time all day! It is 8:20pm!!! I believe things will slow down soon, at least I hope they will!!!! LOL So much to do, so little time! Take care of yourself!

  31. Yes, I've had days like you just described. At least you have a sense of humor. Balance, balance, balance it's difficult to achieve at times.

  32. Oh honey, honey, honey! I SOOOO get it. At least you are smiling in the picture...much better than crying. Enjoy all the activity and savor every moment of all that you can...those kids are gone way too soon. xo Diana

  33. Whew, I can see how overwhelming all of that would be. I don't have half of that going on and I can get overwhelmed at times! Hope you feel better soon! I have given up soda, pizza and chips, along with breads, gluten and a whole host of other things for a whole week now. Doing pretty good, lost a little (yay!), haven't really missed all the other stuff yet. Keep up the good work and I hope things calm down for ya!

  34. yikes, you are busy! I'm glad my schedule doesn't look like yours... no offense :)

  35. I think I beat you too it....I lost it WAAAAAAAYYYYY before you did.... ;P

  36. LOL I missed this one way back in May - you are hilarious.

    Hope things have smoothed out for ya better since then, my friend.

    And that is a fun pic not a horrible pic - you look perfectly freaked out in it. : - )


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