Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jute Flower Bouquet (in the Spotlight)

I feel as though I've started every post within the last month
telling you how busy I am. 
Blah, blah, blah.  I feel like a broken record. 

So today, let's forget about all that and get on with our
Newbie Spotlight of the Week, okay? 

This week's Newbie Spolight of the Week goes to.............


Morena shares some pretty fabulous projects
and includes the tutorials as well. 
She is all about fast and frugal creations.  
Who doesn't love fast & frugal when the results are so fantastic?     

Take a look at this Jute Flower Bouquet...

Pretty darn fantastic, huh?

I also have a soft spot for this little bottle she made
in honor of the passing of children's author, Maurice Sendak. 
It's Mickey from In The Night Kitchen. 

Pretty darn cute!

Anyway, head on over to Morena's Corner and take a look at all she has to share.

Morena, feel free to grab this button...

To check out the other Newbie Spotlights of the Week, please visit

See you next Wednesday for another Newbie Spotlight! 


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  1. How fun and so creative. Love them both. Hugs, Marty

  2. Yep!!! That jute flower bouquet is pretty darn cute alright! :D Super feature!

  3. Let me start out you may be busy busy busy because without a doubt you are one of the most active commentors in Blogland! Gina, you visit and comment so loyalty to SO MANY bloggers - and that takes hours to, as far as I am concerned and for all the others, thank you for that dedicated time you give to others, it is truly and deeply appreciated!

    As for your picks, pretty nifty!

    Except, well is it my older eyes or is Mickey, um, well, shall we say....nekkid? Looks like it. Snicker. That is RELLY cute, and I am so sorry about the passing of the author of the children's books, but if Mickey is nek I am snickering and there is no way of stopping myself.

  4. OH, I saw this~So cute =)Off to look at more!!

  5. I am so very flattered!!! Thank you for choosing me and for all the kind compliments!!!

  6. What an awesome Pic Gina. I really loved this project too! Thanks for sharing and spreading the newbie love!

  7. Thanks, Gina for sponsoring a newbie. I am sorry that you have had such a busy summer so far. Hopefully, it will calm down for you soon- xo Diana

  8. Fantastic! So glad you shared this...I somehow missed it on Debbie's party post.

    Of course, you're busy! With all you do and you're so kind to comment on other blogs. It is very much appreciated!


  9. thanks again for spotlighting fellow bloggers!!!
    I am making your pretzel crust dessert this weekend.

  10. Sounds like you are ready for a long summer vacation! Well you've found another great talent here, shat cute projects!

    I think I spied something delicious just one post down, I've got to check it out...

  11. Love the cute jute flowers. So many awesome ideas for jute, I just love it.

    Much love,

  12. Such a great idea for the jar...and a nice tribute to Maurice Sendak too!
    Blessings, Lorraine


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