Thursday, June 9, 2011

The *Magical* Gown

Today, I am joining Stephanie at Angelic Accents for her Wedding Blog Party.

It was 1992. Like so many other ladies engaged to be married, I brought a full cavalcade of opinionated people with me when I went gown shopping (in the form of my mom, my sisters & sisters-in-law.) I had the much talked about *magical* moment when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have found the one gown of your dreams.

It was a beauty, a Fink Original by Robert Work. It was made of ivory Italian satin, with lace appliques & tiny pearls galore. The attention to detail was exquisite. It fell slightly off the shoulders & was sheer in back with lots of little buttons. It had a long train. It was expensive, but I didn't care because I loved it. Enough of the talk, here it is:

Yes, it sure was a beauty.

Our photographer was thrilled to see the long train. It made for beautiful photo taking--like this one, one of my favorites, with my niece & Godchild, Nicole.

That all being said, would it be ok if I forward to 2011 & keep it real people?

It may have been beautiful, but honestly, I don't think I would choose this gown again if I could go back in time.

That long train? It had to be bustled up in back for the reception & I can still feel the pearls crunching under my feet as I danced, stepping on it. Not to mention, why would anyone want to add layers upon layers of fabric to their back side?

It's no secret (and in my effort to keep it real), I'm well endowed. I had to wear a strapless and backless bra with this gown. No easy feat for me. That bra was like a corset from the 1800s. It had so many wires & stays in it to hold me up, I had welts by the time the night was over.

As much as I hate to admit it, I just would not pick this *magical* gown again. No matter how beautiful.

So tell me, because inquiring minds want to know and I hope I'm not the only one....would you still want to wear your wedding gown today?

And just in case you were wondering, I would definitely pick this *magical one* again and again:

All photos by DeNicola Photography.

Head on over to Angelic Accents & check out the Wedding Blog Party. I think this will be one wedding party you won't want to miss!


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  1. Well you certainly were a gorgeous gorgeous bride. I had visions of you dancing and crunching the beads LOL! To answer your question, YES I would pick the very same dress over and over for my wedding day. Now if only I could still fit in it!

  2. You were just a gorgeous bride in that dress...and what a handsome groom! Hmmm...well, I was married early on and NO I would NOT pick that gown again. Then, a few years later I met MyHero and we got married on the riverbank in Alva, FL..and I wore a simple off-white lace GunnySax dress that I would wear again. It was a small wedding that time and just the perfect gown. Apparently it worked because I have been married 35 years now..Yes I am THAT OLD BROAD! lol

    You may look back someday and love that gown all over again...o...maybe not!;>) Fun post! xo Diana

  3. Gina, It certainly was a gorgeous gown and you were a beautiful bride! I wouldn't choose the same gown if I could do it again. I liked my wedding gown but I think I would go for a more fited style now. Thanks for your sweet comment on our wedding.

  4. Your gown and your "big hair" were gorgeous!!! How magical!!

    I have to agree with you though. I too had the 10 layer bustle for my long train!! I say the same thing today, "what was I thinking? I wanted to look like I had a huge booty???" And with my puffy sleeves to add to my ridiculous dress, NO WAY would I pick that dress again!! But, like you, I had the same moment!!! The perfect dress moment!! Yeaah, in the early 91's it is good, but no. It doesn't stand the test of time. I have 2 sons and neither of their wifes to be will be asking for my dress or my headband veil!!!

    But we looked good that day, didn't we? YES WE DID!!!

  5. Funny how our tastes change, isn't it? I can see why you loved your dress in 1992. I was definitely a stunning dress in its day, and you were a lovely bride. But NO, I wouldn't choose my dress again either.

  6. My daughter is getting married in just over a year. I had her try on my wedding gown for fun. It is VERY similar to yours, but with less train. It was 1984 and we (mom and Me) made the dress. I would do it again. It was perfect for the time period and my age. Daughter will be getting something totally different. Love yours and thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh you were ( and still are) a gorgeous bride!! Love that first photo of you on the staircase!! I was married in 1985 and I think the only thing I would change is that "hats" were the going rage!! would not choose a hat again!! ,,,maybe do a destination wedding,,,,not have sooo many people,,,,but all in all it was a day to remember!!! 26 years ago this month YIKES!! Wishing you a great day Gina!!

  8. How beautiful you looked Gina and still do BTW!

  9. A beautiful wedding gown! I would still wear my wedding gown :)

  10. The dress is gorgeous and was great for pics. We must endure some discomfort to be glamorous! This from someone who truly hates to wear a bra. LOL.

    I wouldn't pick mine again either It was very full, empire style. At the time, I was a skinny minny...I could have done something more fitted for sure...but it was the 70's.

  11. Hi Gina,
    You were and are a lovely bride and you look stunning in the dress. What a handsome couple you are too.
    If you were uncomfortable, no one would have known, you look so pretty and happy.

    I would pick my gown again for sure only maybe not with the hoop. In that time, hoops were very popular. My dress was tiers of venice lace from top to bottom with a long train, that I too, had to bustle for the reception.

    So enjoyed your wedding party and all your great pics. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  12. You were a beautiful bride! The question is hard to answer because times and styles change so much. I'm sure I'd choose the same thing in the same time era but for today, no.

  13. Seriously... your wedding photos made me tear up. You are a stunning and brilliant bride!
    I love the detail in which you described your wedding dress. I can't do that with mine.
    Would I choose my same wedding dress now... in 2011? Probably not. It was fitting for me back then... Daddy's princess in a ballgown. Now I'd probably go for something more fitted and chic... and probably expensive. haha!!

  14. Your were a beautiful vision in your wedding gown. Funny about the corest type bra. Oh, the things we do - did do- to look beautiful!

  15. Gina, you look so elegant in your gown. The photos are fabulous. Love your niece tucked in their with you. Had to chuckle of the corset bra, too.

    You bet I'd wear my gown again, in a heart beat. My gown was simplistic, hand created stitch by stich, 25# (yup!) of slipper satin with a bustle. My Mother actually some of the stitch work on the gown.

    TTFN ~

  16. Hi Gina..even though our tastes change, I can see that gown being very "Princess Diana"ish and it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I hope you will take a peek at my posting, too!

  17. Your gown was very beautiful...I love the big long trains!
    It certainly made for some beautiful photos!

  18. Your two were just Too cute for words, I love the pic's and imagine the dress was a bit uncomfortable but it was all about the two of you! Oh well hindsight is always good! Great photos and it looks fun for that time period! Hugs Marilou

  19. Oh Gina,
    You made such a beautiful bride and your dress is absolutely gorgeous. And I love, love, love the picture of you two love birds...How cuuuute! What a very handsome couple. Doesn't it seem like it was only yesterday...Sigh! Thank you for sharing...I loved it! Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

    Much love,

  20. Wowsers, that was quite a dress!!! That train was very long but you looked lovely in it!

    I've never had a big wedding, both marriages were in Vegas because I don't do well speaking publicly! I'd like to do some sort of vow renewal with Kyran someday down the road and I would go very casual.

    Great wedding photo's and thank you for sharing:)

  21. Oh, Gina, what a beautiful bridal portrait! You are such a lovely lady, I'm sure you were a dream to photograph! And that gown, just utter perfection. I so love long trains, and your beautiful pearl earrings are really catching my attention, too. Your godchild was so pretty. Love that pic of the two of you. You and hubby make a very handsome couple and look so happy! Now, truthfully, I probably wouldn't choose the same gown for myself today. Mine was high-necked, bishop sleeves, very Victorian-ish. I loved it and still do, and it was perfect for a child-bride like me (I was 18!). I did choose it partly because I was so in love with long trains but realized the trouble it would be, so I went with a pretty much "short train" and then made up for that with a super-long veil that I could remove. Thanks so very much for joining the Wedding Blog Party and for your adorable "Keeping it Real" post!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  22. You were a most gorgeous bride, indeed! I LOVED my gown and it was right for the time {80's} so I have no regrets. Of course now we love to smile/laugh at the BIG hair and all those ruffles, but it was just what I wanted at that time, and it was a great day. :)

    Back Porch Blessings,

  23. what a lovely dress.

    I like it!!!!!

    hugs Conny

    your are a princesse!!!!

  24. Oh it was gorgeous, but you're right it doesn't look to comfortable! I made my dress, it was the 70's and it was a really comfortable an empire waist. the husband, not so magical I didn't keep him LOL!


  25. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you are a beautiful bride!
    I would choose my wedding dress again, but not my hat! Too 80's!

  26. Gina! What a beautiful bride you were!! Love seeing these pics of you...and yes...I think I would still wear my dress...ya know if I could actually fit in it lol.

  27. This is quite elegant wedding gown and very thankful to you for sharing such dress ideas. It is my wedding reception in couple of weeks and it is being arranged at an excellent event space Chicago. Hope to find nice dress for this event.

  28. lol.... I think I had the same exact dress and ... yeah... I might pick it again today because it was really fun to wear and to dance in.
    I'd completely change our wedding registry though... such boring china!

  29. My great uncle Robert Work was the maker of your dress! He was a very brilliant man and had such an eye for womens fashion. I would wear that dress in a heartbeat you were such a beautiful bride and I am so glad you loved his work.

    1. Oh my goodness! It’s amazing that you found my post. It truly was a beautiful gown & how wonderful to have such a gifted uncle! The gown has been sitting in a box, preserved, for the last 28 years. One of these days, I’ll open it up...I’d love to see it again. Who knows, maybe my daughter will wear it one day. It was great to hear from you. Thank you.


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