Thursday, February 17, 2011

White Fever

Every year around this time, I get White Fever.

White Fever is not a good fever. (Certainly not like Beiber Fever.)
It's a fever from seeing too much white & too much white is never a good thing, especially for those of us who are lovers of color.

Each year I search for a cure, but there isn't one available. However, I find that I can ease my symptoms a bit.

See, like an icy cold popsicle when you have a 103 degree fever...this soothes!

Aah yes, I think I'm feeling better already.


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  1. I hear ya Gina! THose pics perked me up too. Have a great day!!~ XO
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  2. I am in love with the fourth and fifth pictures. The steps with the post, and the wall of pots....OMGoodness!!! Thanks for the loveliness!

  3. Gina, I'm felling the same way... The snow is almost melted but we still have a few more to go (I hope the weather man is wrong) The flowers remind me that soon my yard will look like these pictures.. have a great day


  4. Hi Gina..let me know, right now I have three giveaways offered to my readers in the works, an etsy store plug and whomever is next...I have to get more people over there so the blog shows up on the blog rolls....I did not think I would be this busy this fast LOL!

  5. I SO don't have a green thumb (I kill plants and flowers, so unintentionally) but I can only imagine that all that white can only be so picturesque the first day... while it's falling. lol

  6. I hear ya Gina...I've had white fever for about a month now and I've tried every remedy but I figured out there isn't much that helps...except maybe these pretty sort of pics and that one 62 degree day we had last week:) Hopefully there are more to come. Hope you start to feel better soon. White Fever is the pits!

  7. Hi Gina...thanks for all the great pictures to cheer the winter whites away!!

    Have a happy day!


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