Monday, January 17, 2011

My Golden Globe Favorites

Can you even imagine being a celebrity and getting to wear fabulous designer gowns? For me, that would be one of the greatest parts of being a celebrity.

E! interviewed Tina Fey last night at the Red Carpet Pre-Show and she said she doesn't like to spend days trying on gowns. What?? Seriously?? If famous designers wanted to throw gowns at me, I would gladly spend days trying them on... the hidden fashionista in me would be in heaven!

Color was huge this year...lots of green and a large range of pink hues. Because I simply cannot resist, here are some of my favorites from last night:

Olivia Wilde. Wow. I thought the gown was black, but later heard it was chocolate brown. It's a beauty!

Kyra Sedgwick. This color is gorgeous. I wish I had a close up of the turquoise earrings she wore with this...stunning!

Claire Danes. Simple but in such a great color. She's so thin too, it really looks like it's made for her.

Eva Longoria. What can I say? Eva never disappoints. That neckline is so damn flattering.

Emma Stone. Another simple one. The color is so beautiful and to be able to wear something like straight & can't have one.single.figure.flaw. Just saying.

Lea Michele. Perfect glam and again, fabulous color.

Tell me, did you watch the Globes last night? Let's talk fashion...who were your favorites?


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  1. All would be fun to walk the red carpet, just once!

  2. I watched part of the Golden Globes. I lvoe to see the favorite part too I think. I loved all the ones' you showed. My least favorite and someone who always looks awesome was Anne Hathaway...I did not like her dress at all.


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