Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving into 2011

I find it hard to believe that it is already January 7th and this is my first post of the New Year!

We were having computer troubles. What can you expect, honestly? Our computer was a good 6+ years old. It had seriously seen better days. It took a little convincing of the husband, but eventually he saw that it was time to put our old one out of its misery.

Why are there so many decisions to make when buying a computer?

We did buy a new one and I thought it might be amusing to list some of the features of this computer that make me happy.

Keep in mind: My husband & I are so computer illiterate it's almost embarrassing. Actually, it is embarrassing.

Our new computer has...a touch screen. Our son quite possibly has the greasiest hand prints on Earth, so we try not to encourage use of the touch screen for said reason. But it's fun to play with nonetheless.

Our new computer has....a DVD drive. Yeah. Hugely excited about that. That's just how much of an antique the old one was...No DVD (or even CD) drive.

Our new computer is...all in one. Say goodbye to that annoying tower-thingy, we now have one piece. The speakers are built in too. I just know the salesperson wanted to laugh when my husband asked where the speakers were.

Our new computer has...a huge screen. I think our old one was like 13 or 14 inches. This one is 20 inches. I feel like I'm sitting in front of a small flat screen TV which probably means I'll end up needing glasses soon. (When I was a kid, they always said if you sat too close to the TV, you'd need glasses. Do they say that anymore?)

Our new computer has...USB ports on the side of the monitor. I no longer have to look like a circus performer trying to plug my camera or ipod into the old computer's not-so-easily-located USB ports.

Don't even got me started on the graphics & color & who knows what! I'm sure there are features that I'm yet to discover. Would you believe we even have a Webcam? Not that I have any clue how to operate it, but I feel like I've traveled light years overnight.

OK,I think I've gone on enough about the computer...I'm off to play & discover.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Sounds wonderful! I could really use a new computer, but not now I will wait til mine is dead. Happy New Year Gina!

  2. uuuber jealous!! our computer is nearly 6 years old... and as slow as a 90 year old running a mile. lol. we need a new one badly! however, i really really am considering A) switching to a MAC and B) getting a notebook/macbook instead of a full system.
    however (again)... your post has made me consider otherwise. i'm liking the touchscreen and the no tower thing. hmmm... might need to stop over at best buy.


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