Thursday, June 10, 2010

It was inevitable ( a newbie's tale)

It finally happened.

Something that I have fought against with every fiber of my being for many years...

Something that I was quite certain would never even be a faint possibility for me...

Something that I am sure has changed the very core of my being forevermore...


Ha! Did I have you going?

I don't know what it is. I have always been, how shall I say it, embarrassed to go to a garage sale. Ok, I said it. Truly. I don't know why I was afflicted with this crazy disease.

My mom, sisters & I always had a garage sale every year. I would get annoyed with people buying my expensive clothes (which were practically new and many times with tags still on them) yet wanting them for a quarter. Maybe that left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know.

So on Saturday, it all started with a brass bed. I was driving my daughter to her softball game and we passed a house in our neighborhood that was having a garage sale. I was waiting at the stoplight so of course I just had to look from afar and see what they had for sale. That's when I spotted the brass bed.

I took a detour (much to my daughter's chagrin) and drove to my mother's house, knowing my sisters were gathered there as well. I told them about the garage sale and the brass bed. I had to get my daughter to her game and pick up her teammate along the way, but I suggested that they go to the sale for me and check it out.

As soon as I entered the ball park, my cell rang. I picked it up, it was my sister and she said, "there are so many things at this sale that you would love!" And she began to describe things in detail. Of course, this piqued my curiosity beyond belief.

The dilemma? How do I leave my daughter & her friend at the game when the weather was so darn questionable? It had been raining on & off. It was cloudy. If I left them and the game got cancelled, my daughter & her friend would be stranded until I came back to get them. Yet, my sister did not cease for one second in her garage sale details to further torment me!

Then I realized, hey maybe the skies are clearing up. Or maybe it was just my imagination? I did the irresponsible thing. I left the girls, drove back to the other side of the city and met my mom & sisters at the garage sale, throwing all embarrassment to the wind, and thus ending my garage sale virginity! lol I loved the brass bed, but it was a king-sized, so that was a no go. I did pine for a lovely old sideboard for my dining room. After much deliberation and a quick side trip home to measure, it was decided it was just too large for my dining room. However, I did manage to buy several other items. Like these two kidney shaped tables:

The lady said they were custom made. They were marked $50, she gave me both for $30.

I also bought this lamp for $8.

It is so heavy! Of course, I have no idea where I'm going to put it, but that doesn't matter because my sister said she would gladly take it off my hands if I couldn't find a home for it.

Then I bought this wire basket & wire/glass bowl for $6.

So there you have it. The finds of my very first garage sale! (I'll grant you that I hadn't gotten any real steals, like so many of you seasoned garage sale veterans, but I'm all new to this.) And since this occasion is so special to me, I'm going to link it up at Debbie's fabulous Garage Salen partay!

Have you visited Debbie yet? You must! Go on over and check it out now.

I apologize for the the length of this post. I get carried away and oh so chatty when I'm excited!


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. And there you have it is will be scoping the streets now looking for signs...getting up early and throwing on just sunglasses and brushing your teeth in hurry to get out the door....looking in your local paper...etc etc...OK I am kidding...glad you had scored big time on those table..OMG I love them! Everything is awesome, glad you had fun, and thanks for joining in this week.

  2. Garage sales can be lots of fun. A friend and I often go...before shower...just brush our teeth and wear baseball caps...go out for breakfast after. You'll grow to love it. I've been reading over some of your recent posts and the purple flower you didn't have a name for is a mountain bluet...I have them, too.
    Have a fun weekend.

  3. Welcome to our're going to LOVE it!! Great finds! I am a new follower...

  4. welcome to the dark side!!! lol! glad you had a great time!

  5. Gina, I had no idea you were a garage sale virgin. Your post cracked me up tonight! I'm tellin ya, you will be hooked now. Wasn't it fun???


  6. Wait.....its like "crack", once you go, ya gotta keep goin!!!

  7. Welcome to the crazy world of garage sales! It is an addiction once you start finding the really good bargains. I look forward to Saturday every week!

  8. Oh cute stuff! I love the wire basket and the little bowl and the 2 tables are gorgeous...I'd be attacking those with some white paint for sure:)

  9. SCORE!! You will want to go all of the time now! I did a little shopping this weekend too.


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