Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

As Turkey Day draws to a close, I do hope that each & every one of you had a wonderful day. As promised, I am posting how my little antique shop find turned out as my table centerpiece. Remember this?

Here is the final product:

I don't think it turned out half bad. My father-in-law was the first to remark about it. He made sure to tell me how beautiful it was and how he couldn't believe I made that out of an old carpenter's tool box. A compliment coming from a man who you wouldn't think would notice something like that, really made my day! (I only wish I had taken a picture of it with the candles lit too. Oh well.)
It's getting late, I really need to get to bed now...lots of decorating to do tomorrow! :) If you are decorating or brave enough to go shopping tomorrow, have a great day!

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  1. love love love the way this turned out miss Gigi!!! Couldn't wait to see it.. now think of all the crafty supplies you can fill it with. We need to hook up and go thrifting one day... i've got no one to enjoy that with in Syr!!!

  2. Hi Gina,
    Love your centerpiece. It turned out awesome. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you'll be sharing pics of your home all decorated for Christmas! Believe it or not I've been at it for the last few days and I'm still not done. Soon! Can't wait to share with everyone. You'll have to come over and check it out. Until then my friend. Have a wonderful evening.



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