Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've been pretty scarce around here's my story. (not that you asked, but you're gonna get it anyway!)

In October, I had a mammogram. A day later, I had my worst fear...a phone call. Now I know that the technician said NOT to panic if I get called to come back, but really people, what do you think a normal person is going to do? They needed to repeat the mammo and suggested an ultrasound be done too. The earliest they could get me in was some 9 days later. Of course, the fact that my doctor sent me the radiologist's report during this 9 day wait did not help. I know just enough from working in the medical field previously to scare the heck out of me. Why would she do this? I still can't believe it, it's not like I requested the report! Anyway, 9 days of panic follow.

Why is it that when you are going through something rough and trying not to think about it, the more you are surrounded by that thing. Know what I mean? What is October? Breast Cancer Month. No matter how much I tried to take my mind off my worries, the more I saw online posts, tv commercials, pink ribbons, etc. all pertaining to breast cancer. It was seriously scaring me. (I would also like to apologize to my blogging friends that had heartfelt posts about breast cancer on their blogs (Melonie and Ana, I believe). I wanted so much to respond but it was all too close to home.

I finally go back to the hospital and this technician mammograms the heck out of me. I'm telling you a good 15 additional views! I wait and wait and wait. People going in after me have now left and here I sit, contemplating the worst. I finally get called in for the ultrasound. The technician leaves to go show the results to the radiologist and she returns with the actual doctor. I took one look at him, uttered "Oh no!" and knew I was in trouble. He explained that he found a "nodule", solid looking, that he recommended be biopsied. More panic. He tells me that there's an 80% chance it's benign.

More worry. I finally get an appointment with a breast surgeon, some 2 weeks later. 2 more weeks of worry & panic follow. Luckily, he was able to get me in for the biopsy within 4 days. 4 more days of panic. I had the biopsy this past Monday. Doctor thought it looked benign. He couldn't say for sure because the pathology report wouldn't be back for 2 days. 2 more days of worry.

Yesterday, it was official....all is fine! Thank God! Thank St. Jude and St. Anthony who I prayed to over and over again. I feel as though I've been through the wringer, but yet I know that this could have been so much worse.

So here's my public service announcement to all my friends....Make sure you do monthly breast exams and get a yearly mammogram. (if you're old enough) This "nodule" was not something that could be felt and was only found with the mammogram/ultrasound.

Sorry if this post was TMI, but I feel blessed and had to shout it to the world!

Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Thank you for sharing.
    Sometimes that is the best way, to release it.
    So many don't have such a happy ending, but I am most happy and relieved that you are ok.

  2. It is so difficult when we are in the midst of something like that to stay calm and focused. I am so thankful that everything turned out okay and don't ever say you are a "nobody" cuz that's not true. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I shall carry on with my blog cuz I just want to.


  3. Oh Gina,
    As I was reading your post my heart stopped, I believe I even stopped breathing for a sec or two and the tears started to flow. But as I kept reading on and finally got to the end, I am happy to say, my sad, scared for you tears became happy, praise God tears. Blessed be God. I went through that panic stage of waiting along with my sister and although it can't compare to what she was going through I paniced too and I was scared too...Without God I don't think either of us would have had enough strength to pull through. Thank God that all is well with you. Yay!

    Tons of love and a great big hug,

  4. good for you to share and get it out there! I went through much of the exact same thing last year. two mammos, two ultrasounds, and then a breast MRI and 4 biopsies. all negative. we HAVE to share our experiences more often than not! now i go every 6 months for mammos! PRAISE GOD you are fine.

  5. Oh I am SOOOOO happy that all turned out ok....even though I am typing this while bawling my eyes out. Like Ana they were first scared tears and now they are hallelujah tears. Sending you a big giant (((HUG))))) I am SOOOO glad you are ok.

  6. i'm so glad! yay!!! i know what you mean about waiting...and waiting....and waiting.


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