Thursday, June 14, 2007

Childhood summer day

Janie's blog challenge for today at Susan's Scrapbook Shack is to blog about a typical summer day in your childhood. I'll do my best, but I am going to have to stretch back quite a bit. I'm not as young as I used to be!

A typical summer day for me would be spent playing outside with the neighborhood kids, mainly my friend Debbie. We would do so many things in a day, like swimming, riding bikes, making "soup" from bowls of water, adding leaves & flowers, playing hide n' seek, jumping rope, playing school or pretending we were Charlie's Angels! (heehee, talk about imagination!) Many times, I'd eat dinner at her house or she at ours. I for some reason remember if we ate dinner at her house, we would eat in the living room on tv trays and watch Batman & Robin while we ate. Almost every night after dinner, I would go with my mom & dad to my brother's baseball games. I swear, sometimes I think I was born in a ballpark! Lots of game watching & often playground playing going on here. Thankfully some of the ball players had younger sisters to occupy me. I remember going out for ice cream after the ball games. Afterwards, we'd go home, I'd take a bath (with Rub a Dub dolly of course) & put my Carter's baby doll pajamas on. (Remember the jingle, "if they could just stay little til their Carter's wear out"?) I would usually watch tv before falling asleep. (I want to say around 10pm) Then I'd awake early the next morning & do it all again!

Oh such great, innocent times!

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  1. i used to love staying at my friends house! can't believe i forgot to mention that!! lol humm must be getting old lol


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