Monday, April 3, 2006

Over the top

Sometimes I guess I don't realize how over the top or engrossed I am in this thing we call scrapbooking.Yesterday, I printed Jen Coen's spotlight challenge so that I could give it a try some time this week. It was sitting on my desk, when dd saw it. She was very interested in it and asked me why the boy in the picture was crying. I said, because his sand castle fell down. She wanted to know how I knew that. I told her because his mom said so. She then wanted to know who his mom was. So I said, a girl named Jen. To which she replied, "Jen Coen??" WOW!!! I was taken aback!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or not. How could she know this??? (well actually, I know how she knows this...both of my kids love looking at the rolodex cards!) But to think that she remembered and connected the name just completely amazed me!!! What have I done to my children??? I've gone over the top!!!

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