Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The spring jacket conspiracy

We have been having a string of beautifully sunny spring days here in NY! I'm really loving this weather. At night, it gets chilly but I hate to wear my winter jacket, because, you know, enough is enough, the calendar says spring and I don't want to wear a black, heavy, wool jacket any longer. Nuff said. Soooo, I am in pursuit of a pretty colored spring jacket. Can I find one??? Noooooo! I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy! What happened to all the spring jackets? Was I supposed to have bought one already, like after Christmas when it was still 10 degrees and snowing? For heaven's sake, the snow just melted a week or so ago! Where are they hiding the jackets? Have the jackets been replaced with all the swim suits that we won't be able to wear until July? Something has got to give...I want a spring jacket! Phew, glad I got that off my chest!

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