Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Decorating Begins....The Dining Room Hutch

Strange things are afoot here in New York.

Last I checked, the calendar did say it was I right?

Well, we've been enjoying (and I use that term loosely)
temperatures in the 90s with high humidity.
Unbearable humidity.
This is technically weather we might experience in July, 
seldom in August, never in September.

We've been enjoying the pool, which is unheard of in September
  (unless maybe you have a heated pool). 
Most pools in this area are long ready to be winterized 
by the time Labor Day hits.  Oftentimes, our pool 
gets little use in August even because August can 
be such a sketchy month.  But here it is, September,  
and Summer is holding on.

Like I said, strange things are afoot here in New York.

Ok, now that I'm off that soapbox...

the house has been decorated for Fall, 
despite this unseasonable weather we're having.

Today I'm going to show you the dining room hutch.

I have to admire all the subtle fall touches that 
I've seen in blogland. They are really very lovely!
Unfortunately, you won't see them here.
I just don't think I'm a "subtle fall girl."  
I'm more of  a "bring on the warm, rich, beautiful colors of fall, 
in your face kind of girl."

Here goes:

I just pulled everything together here with
stuff I already had.  Nothing is new.

Well, I did make that little Autumn sign,
so I suppose that could be considered new,
I had everything on hand already to make it,
so it didn't cost me anything, which is
a nice for a change.

So tell me, 
are you a "subtle Fall girl" or a more of an 
"in your face Fall girl"?  

Thank for stopping by today.


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Beautiful, Gina! I love the sign you made, too cute! All your fall touches are coordinated so well! I always start off as an "in your face, fall decorator." Love the rich colors of Autumn! But I find myself getting tired... really tired, lol, of the orange by mid-October when I still have several more weeks of fall decor to enjoy. So this year, I'm trying a more subtle approach with just a little muted orange. We'll see how that works! :) Have a great week! ~Rhonda

  2. I love looking at pictures of your hutch decorated for the different seasons. You always do such a great job. Beautiful! I am with you, I don't know how to pull off a subtle look for Fall or any other time. It is all or nothing! LOL xxx Maria

  3. I am an in your face fall color girl, too, Gina!! I love bold, rich jewel tones to replace the super bright colors from summer. Pretty decor! :)

  4. Gina,
    I adore your "bring on the warm, rich, beautiful colors of fall,
    in your face kind of girl" atop your Dining Room hutch, dear friend!!!
    I prefer a more subtle color palette in the upper level living areas,
    but I'm going "all out" with vibrant rich hues in our lower level!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  5. "In your face" fall girl, here.
    And come and get me FAST ahahahahah
    I love Fall. And I love your dining room hutch. I can almost smell the cinnamon and apples from this side of the world.
    I always think you have a home for Spring freshness and Summer Joy but then you go and welcome another season and it suits just RIGHT.
    Well done,

  6. I love the sign. Yes. I'm more subtle for Fall. I decorate very little. My daughter in law goes all out with candles in every room and decor in every corner. I love it though. It's my favorite time of year, the sights, the smells, the change. Feels like starting over, but with lots of thinking and considering and memories that come with the season of change.

  7. Everything looks so pretty!
    I used to be a "in your face
    girl but now a little more subtle,
    cause I don't like putting everything

    M : )

  8. I love, love, love all the white with the beautiful pop of orange. It is definitely saying Autumn...unlike the weather outside. It's been unbearably hot here too. I cannot wait for the weather to cool down...Autumn weather, where are you? :-)

    Love ya,

  9. Haha, someone our posts are similar, yet different.

    It is summertime hot here, too and, well, I am easing into it, haha.

    Love your mantle, always do enjoy your posts, sweet friend. Hugs.

  10. I am probably in your face, but not until the end of September! I guess that is a compromise of sorts isn't it. Your decorations all look lovely! You make things so very pretty indeed. xx

  11. Well, I'm an 'in your face', kinda gal anyway, and Fall is just made for a riot of color!!! No white, baby pinks, soft blues, pale summer and spring colors for me. Can't wait for the changing leaves and grasses, reds, oranges, gold and purples........bring it on!!!

    We are also sweltering with hot days and nights in upstate NY.....the humidity is miserable......and can't wait for it to end. I've put out just a few decorations, will wait till the end of Sept. for more. xoxoxo

  12. Beautiful Gina! Well, I'm a subtle kind of fall but with lots of texture! So it's still kind of in your face... I am soooo ready for cooler weather! Bring it on :)

  13. Hi Gina, such a lovely look! Love the white cabinet and how crisp everything looks. The fall leaves look fabulous.

  14. I really like your fall display on your hutch. The bright happy colors do add a sense of warmth as well. I don't use a lot of the traditional fall colors like oranges and yellows, but I do like to bring out more stuff that sets a warm tone in anticipation of cooler temperatures.
    Mary Alice

  15. Gina, your hutch looks so pretty! You did a great job incorporating fall colors but it all still looks like you.

    Did I tell you that I came to New York a month ago? Visited my girlfriend in Fairport. Mercy, I love it there!!

  16. Cute, cute, cute.
    Yep.. I love Fall, and decorate with layers and layers of Fall colors and textures.
    However, this year I'm waiting for Oct. to put out the pumpkins.... for now, it's sunflowers, leaves, apples, etc..

    As always, everything at your home is darling!

    Have a sweet week!


  17. I am a totally in your face Fall girl lol! Your decor is looking lovely as always Gina! Enjoy the season.

  18. First of all, I Love Your Dining Room! I like the golds and oranges of the leaves with all that white. I'm a much more subtle autumn girl this time of the year because we live in the Deep South. It's still summer here, and I like to start out with apples and late summer flowers. I don't bring out the pumpkins until mid-October usually. But I do love everything pumpkin, so by mid-October I'm not so subtle anymore! ;P

  19. I fall somewhere in between "subtle" and "in your face". I would probably lean more towards "in your face" if my hubby didn't say I have "too much stuff" all the time! LOL Your fall d├ęcor looks beautiful as always! Happy Autumn! I'm looking forward to a cool, crisp season! ♥

  20. Love this Gina! I'm somewhere between "in your face" and "subtle" LOL!

  21. Your Fall decor is so pretty.....I really like the contrast between the beautiful, rich colors of Fall and all of the white. It truly is stunning!

  22. I am a VERY in your face kinda' girl....the more color the better I like it!!!
    Love your pretty fall leaves...


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