Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Doldrums

I've got a bad case of the Winter doldrums.

It's so cold,
we never made it out of the negative digits today.
It's -2°,
factoring in the wind chill, 
it's -26°.

I swear if I didn't have to go to work,
I wouldn't want to leave the house at all.
I'm beginning to feel like a bear in hibernation this Winter.

When we are lucky enough to get up to a balmy 20° or so,
(yes, 20° feels balmy around here now)
it ends up snowing at least 8-12 inches.
If we don't have snow,
then we have to deal with sub zero temperatures.
We can't win.  

I just pray that this Winter ends soon.
It's so discouraging.

Anyway,  hubby & I have been working on a project &
I can't wait to show you what we've been up to!
It will be a bit yet before I can share it;
there's still so much to do.  

I hope the weather is much better where you are.
If not, stay warm & hopefully Spring will make
an appearance real soon!
Here's to hoping anyway....


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Hi Gina! Oh, your snow looks just like ours. Actually your railings do look just like ours all covered up with the snow! Wince this is my first year in the snow, I'm loving it! I don't get out in it much, just enjoying from my windows! Stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Gina, the snow picture is so pretty! We're expecting some kind of weather event tomorrow night. They can never really predict what's going to happen here until the last minute. I look forward to seeing your new project! Stay warm .... and sane :-)

  3. I hear ya on that, Gina. Hang in there, we will be complaining about the heat in now time, haha.

    Want to break up your winter? Come down and visit me! We can go eat, shop and then see a movie. You can have the whole upstairs to yourself.

    Would love it, and there are soooo many awesome secondhand stores here to get you right out of that slump, ma'am! ♥

  4. It's nasty here to with more snow and cold temps. I love winter but I am looking forward to spring. Can't wait to see what you are up to. Stay warm.

  5. Our weather is so mild here compared to yours. I have no doubt that extreme cold and snow would make me tired and cranky. Hang in there. Spring will come. :)

  6. You have some bad weather there -that's for sure. Too bad you have to leave the house in weather like that. Can't wait to see what you and the hubs are up to. xo Diana

  7. We have the same here, right now its -3 and who knows the wind chill, actually....I don't want to know!!! Snow is piled up on the roof and comes half way up the second story is nasty out there. However, I am not tired of it yet, not looking forward to 90 degree temps with the same in humidity!!!

    Winter can't end yet.....I have to finish all the projects I saved for this time of year!!! Can't wait to see what you and hubby have been up to.....xoxoxo

  8. Hi Gina!
    We had a very mild winter thus far. One of the worst ski seasons ever. We count on a good snow pack for Summer. I am not looking forward to the watering bans. Last year we were able to keep our front yard nice and green.

    Chrislyn and Jason were in NYC last weekend. They were lucky to sneak in an out between storms. They had a wonderful time.

    I hope you get relief soon.
    Can't wait to view your newest project!

  9. Oh my Gina we had temps the last 2 nights at -40 thats brrrrr cold...
    The winds were coming out of the north west. Hope we get an early spring!

  10. I have winter doldrums and don't have all that snow to contend with. I hope that your snow will melt and that spring will come soon and that you will feel cheery again! xx

  11. Cold weather was one of the reasons that I left the North for the South. however we are having very cold weather here in NC and perhaps some snow on its way. I haven't seen snow in al,our 4 years so I guess a little will do. Can't wait to see what project you are working. I can't wait for some projects to start either once I find my new home, need some creativity. Have a wonderful week, Gina.

  12. I feel the same way, Gina. So over this winter. Nothing seems to cheer me up for more than a few minutes. Ugh. Have not left the house the past two days. Need to keep focused on chores, etc.

  13. We have had a total of only 10" this year. I know you have had a lot more. Yes, spring will come soon!

    Can't wait to see your project!

    M :)

  14. So much snow, Gina! I hope your weather changes soon. We haven't had much of a winter around here, just a few cold days here and there. Stay warm!

  15. And I complain about our cold at only 60 degrees....shame on me. So sorry it's been so cold over there. Sending you a great big warm hug. Oooh, and can't wait to see what you and hubby are up to. My hubby and I are working on a project too. So exciting.

    Much love,

  16. Looks pretty much the same here, and I am tired of it. Feel like I am on house arrest. Next week sounds better, but it is going to take a lot to get rid of the 4 ft of snow!
    Hope you are feeling better, Gina.


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