Thursday, October 2, 2014

Golden Sunflowers Tablescape

Ahh yes, long lost friend. 
I have missed you.

I had a few extra minutes and thought aloud,
"I need a pretty tablescape!"
(which I do realize may seem sad to some who just don't get it.  lol)

So here goes:

The warm colors of Fall are always a welcome sight this time of year.


You may recall seeing some of these items 
from my other tablescapes.
Nothing is new here.

Wicker placemats from Pier 1.
Bronze chargers from Michaels.
Orange Dinner plates from Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens collection.
Sunflower plates from Christmas Tree Shop.
Napkins from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Flatware...a mystery.  For the life of me, I can't remember!
Park Lane wine glasses from local antique shop.
Amber bubble goblets were borrowed from my sister 
(I believe she got them at Tuesday Morning)
Burlap runner from Home Goods.
Black enamel splatterware coffee pot from local antique shop.


The tree looking out the dining room window
had not changed when I took these photos several weeks ago.  
 It's turning a vibrant red now. 

Thank you for visiting me today.
Happy Fall!

Just an fyi:  I'm having computer
issues, which I'm hoping are resolved soon.
I could scream... it's all very frustrating.


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Sunflowers always make me smile, Gina. You do such a nice job with your tables. Love this Fall look. Now- what's for dinner? xo Diana

  2. Such a pretty tablescape, Gina. Hope you get your computer issues resolved. xo Laura

  3. Love this table, very bright and pretty. And still crisp and clean. Like your new curtains.....

  4. I Love your tablescapes always! The fall decor on your light above looks pretty too. I'm still lovin those curtains, so light and airy! You always do a great job Gina. Very inspiring!

  5. What a gorgeous tablescape. Everything looks fantastic... :)

  6. Love it Gina! Your collection of dishes is the best!,

  7. Oh so pretty! Love the sunflower plates.
    I am sure that the tree is

    M :)

  8. Hi Gina! I totally get the need for a "tablescape" thing! lol! Your fall one is so pretty! Those sunflower plates are awesome! All the colors together are so warm and pretty! I also love the garland on your dining room light. Is that bittersweet? Love it! : )
    I hope you get your computer issues resolved soon! I've been there. There is nothing more frustrating!
    Have a great weekend! ♥

  9. Hello Gina....
    Oh, what a beautiful tablescape!!
    I love it!!
    Of course sunflowers are my favorite, and Fall too :)
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    I need to put together a tablescape too :)

    I'm sorry that you are having computer issues. That is so frustrating!
    Hopefully, you'll get everything ironed out soon.


  10. Gina.. you know that I love everything you do and the sunflowers are no different. super cute.

  11. I'm one who "gets" it. I haven't done a tablescape in a while, and I was just telling my family that playing with dishes would most definitely perk up my mood. There is no prettier time of year to play with them than the fall to me, and I love your colors and sunflowers.

  12. Another gorgeous tablescape, Gina! The dishes are beautiful. You always put together such wonderful tablescapes!

  13. Gina girl, oh I get it! lol! Your table really is just perfect for Fall. I bet the red tree is absolutely gorgeous now. I love the sunflower plates and the enamel pot pitcher! Sorry to hear about computer problems. Not good!

  14. Your tablescape is wonderful. I love the warm colours of fall. Yours doesn't disappoint!

    See, chum? I get it TOTALLY! Hugs.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. What a lovely fallish and I'll bet now, with that red tree, it is just beautiful

  16. My favorite is always sunflowers Gina. They just make me happy and smile this time of year. Your table is gorgeous!

  17. Gina, your table is so pretty. We all love sunflowers and this table sure reflects how pretty they are.
    Cheerful and bright.. Good luck with the computer problem....

  18. Now this is what I love to see! Your beautiful tablescape is such a delight. The combination of everything is terrific!


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