Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall in the Dining and Sitting Room

Last week, I shared my dining room hutch and chalkboard with you.

This week,  I thought I'd share the rest of the dining room 
and the adjoining sitting room with you.

The dining room:

I found the Canada Dry crate at an antique show.
I was so thrilled!
My Dad was the manager of Canada Dry locally,
so the crate is for sentimental reasons.

Although knowing my Dad, he's looking
down at me from heaven saying,  
"You paid money for that?  
I had dozens of them you could have had for free!"

Of course, he would be right, but those free crates are no where to be 
found now.  It took me a long time to view this kind of stuff
and not think of it as junk.  Now, after all these years,
I see the value.  

Anyway,  I filled my beloved crate with lots of  fall goodies.  

Just a note:  the crate has our city & state stamped on the side.
Who knows?  Maybe my dad handled this very crate way back when.

The sitting room:

My favorite blue dresser got the Fall treatment.

I got the suitcase at the same antique show where I found the crate.
(I made a good score that day!)

A vignette for the coffee table.

I even added a little Fall to my white wire shelf.
Isn't that little pumpkin painting so cute?
It was an Etsy purchase.

I hope you enjoyed touring this part of our home.

Next up:  
My Fall mantel!

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  1. Love the fall touches in your dining and sitting room, Gina! What a wonderful crate that you picked up at the store in memory of your dad. So special! Yes - I love the pumpkin painting, don't you just love ETSY? So much talent out there! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Looks so pretty I had to pin one. :)

    Love your crate and the vignette in the suitcase.

  3. Gina I LOVE your sitting room and that fabulous blue chest and pretty display!!

  4. Love how you decorate, everything is so sweet and clean!! Also love your new curtains, very nice!! Enjoy our great weather this week....

  5. That crate, and the way you have styled it is adorable! Such a keepsake since it also boasts your city and state!

    Love "whats on top of the blue"!

    Can't wait to see my favorite fireplace deck for the new season!

  6. Everything looks wonderful Gina, I love how although your furniture is all white you still went with the colors of fall and it looks just fabulous!
    The crate is so neat and I do bet that your dad handled it probably more than once...I think I may try my pepsi crate! I do love your little suitcase you found too!

  7. Both the crate and the suitcase were great finds. I bet your dad is smiling down. Love the blue chest. xo Laura

  8. I am sure that your Dad would be really pleased to know that you have this crate and that it brings back happy memories for you. It looks great on your table too!! xx

  9. Gina, I love your Fall dinning and sitting rooms! You have certainly added just the right amount of color in each area! The Canada Dry crate is a great find! I know just what you mean about the sentimentality; I would still be pinching myself! Your blue chest vignette is so cute with the vintage suitcase. I'm off to pin some of your great ideas!

  10. Love how you've decorated for Fall, Gina! The vignette on the blue chest is really pretty and I love your story about the soda crate. It's a nice piece and a nice memory.

  11. It all looks just beautiful to me.
    I know you have told before, but what is the paint color of that? I really love it.

  12. Everything's looking great this year Gina! I love that you found the crate and what it means to you. Looking forward to your mantel. Happy Fall!

  13. Still have the special touch, Gina! I really need to get blogging again. But still enjoying visits more. Love the crate, that is so special for you because of your dad.

  14. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed...Your fall decorations are just lovely. Love the pop of the orange color in both rooms...Can.t wait to see your mantel. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week my friend.


  15. How cute, Gina! Great story about the crate! Yep, I'm sure your dad had plenty he could have given you. Isn't it funny how we learn, as we get older, to appreciate those things?

  16. I love your dining room and sitting room decor, Gina. You have just the right touches to add a special Fall flair. Yes, you did score with the sentimental Canada Dry crate and the darling suitcase.
    I also love your hutch from the previous post. The platter makes for a beautiful display and the wreath you made is perfect.
    Thank you for your visit. Somehow, comments aren't being sent through email to me, but only show up on my blog. :(

  17. Gina, your home looks so pretty decorated for Fall. Love, love the crate!

  18. Pretty as ever G and what a treasure that crate is. Even the city and state stamp. That is fantastic. Fall blessings! xo Shan

  19. I love how you styled the crate. Sentimental pieces like that are the best, aren't they.

  20. More festivity at your house. I am behind agian. Hopefully this weekend.

    Looks great.

    M :)

  21. Everything looks so festive and elegant! What a lovely home you have Gina. We had some of those soda crates at our house too...oh my what treasures we tossed! ;)

  22. Gina, how wonderful that you found that precious crate! Yes, my dad used to bring home the Coke crates - wouldn't we love to have some - and to have it with your locale on it - even more wonderful.
    I can see where you love that blue chest of drawers. It is perfect. You do such a great job with your vignettes! Looking perfectly fallish!

  23. I love everything, but the Canada Dry crate with its sweet story and the color of blue of the dresser are my favorite items.

  24. Oh gosh! I missed this post! Everything is so pretty Gina! Love the canada dry crate on the table. And that painted blue dresser!!! Gorgeous! The white wire shelf is perfect! Love it all girlfriend!

  25. I really like the crate filled with Fall things & the suitcase is perfectly charming! I adore your coffee table vignette, but had to chuckle -- my cat would think I had put those acorns out there just for her entertainment!


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