Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet 16

Sometimes it amazes me how quickly time goes by. 

I can remember being in the hospital the day Olivia was born. 

Every nurse, 
every visitor, 
every person I encountered that day
 who was ever a parent gave these wise words:

  "Enjoy every minute with her because they grow too fast." 

 At that point, I was thinking, "Sure, sure, of course." 

 Well, I can now officially say that even though I may have thought 
I was enjoying every minute of her,
somehow, someway, 16 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

I'm left, scratching my head, thinking,
"Why didn't anyone warn me this would happen?"

Ahh, but yes they did warn me.

And I don't think it matters one bit.
Time just moves too quickly regardless.

Happy 16th Birthday, Olivia!  

You are a ray of bright sunshine in our lives 
and we couldn't love you more!

And also, since you're kind of a genius,
can you figure out a way to slow time?


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  1. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter! Such a beautiful young lady! I'm hoping someone will figure out how to slow time too. ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your daughter is so pretty! I love her smile. :D

  3. She's beautiful Happy Birthday Olivia. Just so you know that our babies are quite fun when they are adults as well.

  4. Happy Birthday to Olivia. I have always said the same phrase and now my son is married and am expecting my first granddaughter in about three weeks.

  5. Happy Birthday to Olivia. I have always said the same phrase and now my son is married and am expecting my first granddaughter in about three weeks.

  6. Wait until she goes away to college. That is one of the hardest days.

    Happy Birthday to Olivia.

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Olivia!

  8. I will start passing the hat for the fee to have her solve the time problem. Such a pretty young girl. The teen age years go by far too fast as well.

  9. What a beautiful young lady
    Olivia is. Congratulations
    to you.

    Happy Birthday to Olivia!

    M : )

  10. What a lovely young lady your Olivia is, Gina. I hope she truly enjoys her Sweet 16 - and has a wonderful year.

    And if by chance she DOES figure out how to slow down that clock please let me know because I, too, am in shock at how fast our years fly by.

    MY children are in their THIRTIES!
    (I know, I was only 9 when I had them, right?)

  11. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Olivia. She looks like a bright star to me! xo Diana

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  13. If you have to spend 16 years with someone make it with a generous heart and a lovely face. She's Precious and so Beautiful!
    You're Blessed. And so is she for having a doting, and proud Mum in you - another lovely and generous heart.
    Cheers, Pretty Girl! Congratulations Gina, you've done a great job...

  14. What a beautiful young lady she is! It does go by too quickly though:( I have dreams all the time where my boys are little and I wake up so happy because of them!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  15. Sweet post Gina! Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Olivia! XO

  16. Please let us know if she figures it out. They grow up way too fast. Happy Birthday Olivia! Such a lovely young lady you are.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  17. Gina, she's lovely! Time does go by way too fast! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!! XO

  18. My goodness Olivia is soooo pretty! Happy sweet 16. It does go by way too fast Gina. Alex reminded me the other day he will be 17 and he also mentioned how hard he knows it will be when he is off to college. I played tough guy and said Oh I have some plans for your room and I will be doing the happy dance. NOTTTTTTTT!

  19. How on earth did I miss this post?
    (It had been awhile since you have posted a photo of Olivia!)

    Time does fly so! There will be a day when Olivia will tell you...I don't know how you did it, Mom!

    There is so much more "wonderful" ahead, believe me!

    Happy Birthday, to you Miss Olivia...Brilliant and Beautiful!



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