Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy, Happy

Hello, my lovelies!
I've been missing from blogland for far too long.  
Why does this keep happening to me?

Between an October filled with birthdays,
anniversaries & other events/commitments,
(not to mention a bout of sciatica)
I've had little time to enjoy blogging.
It's terrible really because when this time of year rolls around,
blogland comes alive!
I can only imagine all that I've been missing!
Today I'm going to ease back into blogging
by joining my sweet friend, Ricki Jill,
from Art @ Home
for her weekly Happy List party.   
This week I'm happy because of:


I know I'm probably ridiculously late to the
"Netflix-is-the-most-wonderful-thing-ever" party,
but I have discovered a lot of great
TV shows because of it,
such as the Tudors and Once Upon a Time.


I love my Netflix.  


Since I'm on the TV subject,
this week I'm happy because of:

 All the great new TV shows this fall.

Like this one:

Just give James Spader an Emmy already...
and a Golden Globe...and
whatever else you can find to award him with for this role.
Then there's:
The Goldbergs
The Crazy Ones
Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D
Brooklyn Nine-nine
The Michael J. Fox Show
Honestly, I can't remember the last time I've watched
so much TV!
Note to self:  this may be why you haven't been blogging much.
This week I'm happy because:
I live in a place that looks like this in the Fall.

Granted the leaves are pretty much gone now, but it is
an absolutely riot of color for a few glorious weeks
and I love it.


What are you happy about this week?

Come join us at Ricki Jill's blog and tell us about it.

 I hope you have a spectacular week...one that fills a nice, long happy list! 

Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. I am happy to know you are still out there! Missed your posts lately! Those autumn colors in your neighborhood are beautiful! Enjoy my friend.

  2. Hello Gina :)

    We too like Netflix around here. It's fun to watch old movies, and t.v. shows.

    Beautiful picture ... you live in a very pretty area.

    Hope that this is a great week for you, my friend :)

  3. Good to see you back Gina! We had Netflix for a while but I canceled it because we were rarely watching it. Then, last week our cable bill showed up with a $50 increase!!! No explanation of why! So we canceled our cable and are going to buy a Roku 3 and subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus:)

    Gorgeous tree's!

  4. Welcome back, Gina. I am enjoying the new Fall shows too, and the return of old faves. Sometimes it is good to let life be first place and blogging 2nd (or even 5th) place in your life! xo

  5. Nice to see you, Gina. I've missed you. I love James Spader and didn't realize that he had a new show. I am going to have to catch that! xo Diana

  6. On Gina!! I do love Netflix! I do not really like television that much, but I love some of the English shows on Netflix. "Inspector Morse" and "Inspector Lewis" (especially, this one!!) are two of my favorites.
    Your fall photograph is gorgeous. Our leaves have hardly started turning, so I am longing for a view like yours. Welcome back!!

  7. I thought I was the last one on the Netflix bandwagon! You are not alone! After months of renting DVD's at the library I finally caved and have never looked back. I don't think I've ever watched so much TV in my life! Right now I am totally addicted to The Tudors. I'm in season three and have developed a very unhealthy obsession with Jonathan Rys Myers... : ) Enjoy your shows!

  8. I'm always happy when I see news on the friends' blogs. So today you made me happy. And smile - it's so easy to be happy jutst by enjoying the little things.
    Welcome back and get that sciatica out for good - that's no pickle. Glad to learn that there were happy events to attend.

  9. Guilty of loving Netflix also! We watch lots of British TV and also have no cable, etc. Luckily we get a dozen channels with an antenna. Free TV, imagine that!

    Love your gorgeous scenic view!

  10. I love Netflix and am a huge fan of binge watching an entire season of one show while I am working on a project. It is perfect, the shows just keep starting over and over and you get so much done! Blacklist is my absolute favorite of the new shoes! Anything with james spader, right?

  11. Hi Gina,
    I am not a huge TV fan, but I am in love with The Blacklist. James Spader is absolutely amazing. xo Laura

  12. I have missed your posts, and I understand because I haven't been blogging the past few months like I used to.....but I'm happy you're back!

    You live in a beautiful area, my friend. I love Netflix, too! I really love Once Upon a Time (I *heart* Robert Carlyle). And the Tudors.....OMGoodness that Jonathan Rhys Myers.....I think I just had a cougar moment.

    And can you believe that he is going to be starring as Dracula on NBC soon? I don't think I can take it! ;P

    Thanks for linking-up. You've made my week! :D


  13. I like your happy list, Gina!!

    Though I haven't heard of a single one of those shows save Tudors, which we watched straight through when it first came out.

    Glad to learn James Spader is back again, he has hasn't done much in his adult acting life.

    I took a few weeks off from blogging due to RL busy-ness and missed it terribly too!

    Huge hugs. ♥

  14. Hi Gina, I haven't tried Netflix yet. I guess I'm the last on the planet! I did try the Blacklist this week, though. I do LOVE your Fall color. That is something to be so happy about! Hope your sciatica is healing. xo

  15. Last time you did a list a movies you and your daughter watched, well I had to check them out. So now you are going to make me a couch tater. (Hope your sciatica is better.)

  16. eeek...Evan layed on my sciatic nerve for most of my pregnancy with him and even now....13 years later....I still cringe when I hear that word. I feel so bad you had to suffer through that. Hope you continue to feel better. (((HUGS)))) and I agree NY does redeem itself for the evils of winter during October.

  17. We love Netflix here too :)
    The fall picture is so beautiful.

  18. I soooo wish we had the American version of Netflix. I love it too but you have greater access. I would be in serious trouble with all the selections. Glad to see you back.


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