Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring on the Chalkboard (Shame, Shame, Shame)

With each season, I enjoy sharing my dining room chalkboard with you.

I am no artist and I never claim to be.

That being said,  I do have fun with this thing.

This time, I relied on the immense talent of the lovely Susan Branch.

I have her calendar.  I love her calendar.  I seem to think it was one of you sweet ladies who recommended it on your blog.  When I saw it this past January, I snatched it up.

Anyway,  I love this quote from her calendar, so I copied it.  I copied it down to the fancy "A",  the lettering, and the grass & flowers.  

I should hang my head in shame for all this copying.

Of course, it's not as fabulous as Miss Susan's calendar page, but it's good enough for this non-artist at least.

And might I suggest, if you come across Susan Branch's calendar next new year, do purchase it. Please don't let my poor representation of it affect your decision.  It is truly the sweetest, prettiest calendar I've ever owned.   You will love it.  
Thank you for your visit!  ♥ 


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  1. How beautifully sweet!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. I'm with you, I absolutely adore Susan Branch. A few months ago I did a give away based on her inspiration. Now, there's a chalkboard in my laundry room and it's waiting for me to copy you. :)

  3. Copying is the sincerest form of flattery, my dear. It looks great, and I *heart* Susan Branch, too. Do you get her Willards?

  4. Such a sweet saying and you did just a wonderful job with it.
    Have a good week

  5. I think you writing looks grand, Gina! That is such a wonderful, inspirational idea. How can you possibly every have a bad day, if you have to walk by and see that message??? Love this!

  6. That's GREAT, Gina. You did her proud! I love Susan Branch everything and her calendar is wonderful. Love the job you did- xo Diana

  7. Pretty pretty! I love chalkboard anything. I think you did a fantastic job Gina!

  8. You did a wonderful job on this so please stop knocking your efforts! :) I do love Susan Branch and this quote is perfect.


  9. First you said you didn't know how to sew, you did a great job, now you don't claim to be as good an artist as Susan Branch but you did a wonderful very believable job. You are such a modest talented lady. Bless your heart.
    You made your interpretation of her art and I think she'd be flattered Gina. I love what you did. I love her blog and her products, art. Keep up the good work gal. Happy Days

  10. Oh now Gina, don't hang your head in shame! It's okay to copy and your did a fabulous job. I may have to make one of those chalkboards as it looks like such fun. I wonder if Susan Branch has weekly desk type calendar? I've been using Mary Engelbreit's calendars for years.
    I also checked out your Spring mantle...I LOVE it! It's so whimsical, fun and love the colors.

  11. So nice.

    Ms. Branch does a lovely job
    with her products.

    M :)

  12. I realized a few days ago that this is the first year I did not buy a hanging wall calender. Normally I buy them half off after New Years at Books-A-Millon, but forgot to get one. I just use the computer and a planner, so I buy those calendars more for the pictures anyway.

    I'm familiar with Susan's work and think you did a wonderful job of recreating the look. You need to stop being so bashful about your talents because you are a great crafter based on what we've seen you do!

  13. I think it is cute, Gina, and looks like fun too....Christine

  14. I love it, and not just because it's a line from a favorite poem from a favorite poet.

  15. Of course you shouldn't hang your head. I find so sweet and I'm sure Susan will too.

    Imagine to find out that a work done and delivered (and that's how creative work) is still inspiring others. I can't imagine a best cumpliment, in fact.

    Need to search for her works.

    Thank you for sharing. And Inspiring!


  16. No shame here, you have definitely put the Gina twist on this. It is a perfect breath of spring! I love your chalkboard by the way!!


  17. I love Susan Branch. I have had a couple of her books over the years and have given some away as gifts too. I need to look for her calendar next year. I used to get them every year. Anyway, your chalkboard is adorable and I love the quote you used. Have a wonderful week!

  18. Well it certainly makes the cutest statement..and I think it looks very artistic Gina!

  19. Your interpretation is sweet! I love your daffodils, Gina!
    I just wrote colored chalk on my shopping list!

  20. Your board looks so pretty!You did a great job!

  21. I think you did a fabulous job, Gina. I'm not familiar with Susan Branch so I will have to look her up. Artists come in all forms.

  22. I love that - would love it in my home too! sandie

  23. I wish I could do half as good as you Gina! I'm so not good at chalk writing but I have fun and that's all that matters:) Love Susan Branch, I'll have to be on the lookout for her one!

  24. Remember, imitation is the most sencere form of flattery :-) I think your chalck board looks great. Happy Spring my sweet friend.



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