Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine Pillow

I'm not sure if you remember my Halloween or Snowman pillows,
but I got the idea in my head
that I also need to make a Valentine's Day pillow to go with them.

Bur first I would like to share the words of my husband...
"Are you planning to make a pillow for every month?" 
" You're getting ridiculous with the pillows."

Oh yes, you gotta love him!  Ridiculous though I may be, 
I made that Valentine pillow anyway.  
You bet I did. 
That is after informing him
just who he thought he was to stifle my creativity.
That was followed by a resounding
from my daughter.  lol
Needless to say, my husband got a kick out of it
and laughed too.
He really is harmless.

I cut some fleece,
and made a heart template.

Despite my best intentions, I never really have a set plan.
I thought a few pearls might be nice, so
I sewed some on.
Then I sewed the whole thing together by hand.
Like I always say, it's not perfect, but
I think it's cute anyway. 
Only a few days left until the big day of love!
Are you ready?
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  1. I love your pillow. I think a pillow a month would be a great idea. And for those of us that are losing track of time, it would be a tangible reminder of what month we're in! LOL!!

  2. Very cute!! Love the detail with the pearls!!

  3. Your husband and mine sound like they are of the same mind. He has started just rolling his eyes at my decorating antics. He just hates it when I put buttons on pillows.

  4. Gina:

    I love the pillow especially with the pearls added to it....They give it the special touch! So cute!

    I love it!

  5. That's adorable Gina! You did a great job sewing it by hand also, your stitches are so even!

  6. This pillow is so cute, and it looks great with your mantel and ruffled pillow. I hope you make one for every month. I challenge you to do it! ;P

  7. AWESOME!!!!

    I love it, love the story, have the same reactions to my monthly festivities decor around here - and look at that last photo - how beautifully is ties in with your mantle design.

    WELL DONE, my lady!!

  8. It is very cute. I love the pillows! Oh those hubbys...gotta love em!

  9. I love it gina!!!! My husband doesn't understand my love for pillows!! : )

  10. So cute Gina love how it goes so well with your mantel!

  11. I think that pillow is so cute and I also think a pillow for each month is a brillant idea-lol

  12. What is wrong with a pillow for every month? There's bound to be something you can use for a theme or saying!
    Your pillow is awesome Gina, great job putting it together. I'd take it off your hands in a "heart beat". The pearls are perfect on it. If it wasn't so close to V day I'd make one also.
    Right now we're knee deep in computer fixing. First was mine to the tune of $160.00 for a tune up. This thing better run better than our Kia now. Hubs pc, an old XP I gave him when I bought this one, needed a tune up also. His won't be so expensive.By the time we get thru we could have gotten a new pc. The pc guy said I got a great deal for my new one (purchased Black Friday 2011) for $250 including 18.5" monitor. Gee for once I did something right? lol

  13. Your heart pillow is adorable, Gina!!! You go, girl, making as many pillows as you possibly can! :-))))
    Mary Alice

  14. That is the picture of sweetness! I love the pearls sewn onto the heart. If I could guarantee that my pretty pillows wouldn't be used to cushion someone's seat, I'd be more inclined to make them to go with the holidays too. You keep right on making those adorable pillows, Gina. Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  15. Hi Gina! Oh, your little Valentine pillow is so cute! Hubbies, gotta love 'em! :)
    Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I love it!! Red is my favorite color and this idea could be used with many designs. *thinking here* :) Love all your red decor too!


  17. Very sweet pillow. The pillows are so fun and you can change them up.

  18. Gina that is adorable, really pretty. You just go ahead and make as many pillows as you want!

  19. Gina... This is adorable! I think the pearls were just the right touch. Love it!

  20. Very cute, Gina! Love the pearls you added to the heart!

  21. I love that you added the pearls! You can never have too many pillows!

  22. I agree with Janet...a girl can never have enough pillows...MEN! Hee, Hee, Hee. Love your cute little pillow. Tomorrow's the big day :-) Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day my friend.


  23. Gina, this pillow is just beautiful! You always have the best ideas. I had to admire your hand stitching. It looks perfect! Happy Valentine's Day!

  24. Adorable! Handmade is not supposed to be perfect -- at least not in my book. :) My plan is to have crocheted twig tree decorations for every month of the year. Just haven't quite gotten it all together yet. I even though about making changeable decorations for a front door wreath. So tell hubby you are right on track. Next up, a four leaf clover for St. Patty's Day! Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  25. Very pretty. I love the details. It is perfect.

  26. I missed your pillow post while my computer was down. Really cute. I like the white ruffled one too.

  27. I have that white ruffle pillow! HomeGoods? Got it when I went up to pick up my mom. Saving it for Summer :) It's gorge with the Qt you made. Shannon


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