Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello Winter! (Dining Room hutch)

Winter is definitely here. 

That may not be the case where you live,
but I can assure you, it's alive & well right here. 

It was -8° degrees when I woke up this morning. 

We got snow too....alot of snow.

But you know what?
I actually don't mind. 
(Yet anway.)
After the Christmas decor came down,
instead of just putting everything back the way it was,
(What fun is that?)
I added a little Winter to my dining room hutch
because by the looks of things,
Winter ain't going away any time soon! 

I love how it turned out...white, cream,
silver/gray, gold, beige...very wintery.
I bought that cute "snow bird" at JC Penney.
 I hardly ever shop there, but
was glad the day I found him.
This sweet bird ornament came from Kohl's.
He didn't scream "Christmas ornament" to me,
so I'm leaving him out all year round.
Wire cloche from Michaels.
 Now I think it's time to snuggle up with a blanket & a hot cup of tea.
Thanks for stopping by! 
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  1. You definitely inspire me to switch things up a bit around here as I unChristmas the place. I pinned it because I like it so much.

  2. Pretty-Pretty G. So snowy fab ;) LOVE the picture of your home in the snow. Wow, it's dreamy. Gorgeousness.

  3. Love the wire cloche and the snowbird, and you know I love the white dining chest.

  4. I love it, Gina! Your hutch goes perfect with the blanket of snow you have right now. Just beautiful! So glad to have gotten to know you in 2012. Looking forward to all you'll be sharing in 2013!

  5. Gina, your beautiful hutch is just as wintery as the snow outside your home... beautiful!

  6. Your hutch fits the wintry season outside your window! It looks so pretty, I actually miss it sometimes,

  7. Love how you decorated your wintery hutch!!
    Nothing looks Christmas to me!!
    Sure wish we had Kohls here....

  8. You mean with a cozy blanket.
    Love all the white. Esp. like that bird. Still haven't taken my decorations down.....maybe tomorrow.

  9. You find the cutest things! Love your winter decor!

  10. Hi Gina! We have snow too but not as much as you and it's been cold but not 8 degrees thank goodness!
    That snowbird is adorable, so cute!

  11. Oh my, you do have the snow! Love the picture of your home. Your hutch looks so perfect for your weather. Love the little birdie ornament.
    Brrr, I am getting cold.
    Love to all, Ginger

  12. Yeah for snow! We've had a few flurries but nothing to cause to much trouble. I am looking forward to being snowed in for a few days ~ : )
    I love your winter decor.. it looks awesome.
    For the first time ever I actually put the sailboats and seashells back out on the sunporch.. I was super excited doing it. I swear, it's 30 degrees out there but looking around you would think that it was the middle of july.

    Have a great Weekend. Happy new year.

  13. Gina your home looks so post card pretty covered in snow. Love the hutch and all the winter touches you have added. Happy New Year.

  14. love the winter touches Gina! and I love the snow outside too! send some our way!

  15. I'm in love with the bird, cloche and wreath! It all looks fantastic! And it freezing here, too...and snowy.


  16. Your hutch looks great. I love birds of any sort.

    Now about your have a great attitude and that sounds too cold to me!

  17. I love your white on your winter white hutch! So pretty. That little snowbird is adorable!

    You are living in a winter wonderland, my friend.


  18. I LOVE IT Gina!! Your hutch and the snow ;)
    Love that pretty feather wreath too!

  19. Winter white isn't only for sweaters and pants...Your hutch is wearing it well!

  20. What a great idea! I'm so doing the winter theme too. Well once I start taking down my Christmas decor. Discovered your blog by a pic of a Southern Living tray. Funny how one thing leads to another ;)


  21. -8 degrees? I am freezing here with highs in the 20's!!! Snow looks pretty and pristine but keep it there don't send any down! Ha

    Hutch looks great, will be featured all over!! xo

  22. It looks great, Gina. Nothing like winter in NY state! We have lots of snow here and with wind chill right now it is -2º....brrrr I took most of Christmas down today so hope to get a little Winter decor up in the next day or so- xo Diana

  23. ps...You did a WONDERFUL job with all your finds!!!!

  24. Your hutch looks fantastic. I love it and that little bird is super sweet! I can not imagine the cold like that!! Looks gorgeous, but keep warm!

  25. Wow, GIna! I have been dreaming of snow but your quantity of snow this early in winter SCARES me! LOL Your winter decor is adorable. Love that little bird....

    Stay warm!

  26. So cute!
    You sound like you are getting the same type of weather there, as we have here.
    I know... it's going to be a while until we see buds on the trees, and see the tulips in bloom.

    Great job on embracing the winter season, in beauty.

  27. WELL DONE, Gina- love it!

    I too left out wintery things, and hope to post soon.

    I wish there were more hours in a day, don't you?

    Love this winter, it is beautiful. I like the cold and I LOVE snowy white and bright blue skies and sunshine, it could stay this way a long time - just hate it loudy and grey and rainy too much, hope that doesn't happen anytime soon.

  28. Good grief at that snow! It's pretty! And the temps, now that is chilly! Love your wintry vignette, and I am just crazy about the super cute snowbird! ...stay warm! :)

  29. Good morning Gina...I love the hutch...and all the fabulous accessories...I too have decided to keep some "winter" up...Happy New Year!!

  30. Beautiful! I love the bird ornament and the little snow bird. I bought 2 snowbirds similar to yours from Kmart this winter! Now I think I'll go grab a blanket and a cup of hot tea too, because that sounds really good right now!

  31. How pretty Gina, and just the perfect winter scene. Your home looks so pretty with the white stuff around it. Let's just hope it's not a long one for you guys. Happy New year to you and your family.

  32. Not a question of want but a mandatory MUST.
    Wonderful! I wouldn't want the Winter to go away anytime soon.
    No Holidays blue for Gina.
    Thank you for sharing!

  33. Gina, the snow looks so pretty! I love all of your winter touches! We got a small bit of snow on Christmas day; and we loved it! Looking forward to all of your great posts in 2013. Happy New Year!

  34. It's snowing outside AND inside your house! lol

  35. Ohhh, so pretty! I want some snow. It's cold here too. It's in the 50's. lol. Love the hutch and snowbird too. Stay warm.

  36. Looks very pretty. LOVE the bird!

    Happy weekend!

    M :)

  37. So pretty and I think the wreath on the mirror is the perfect touch. Stay warm!

  38. I will never get tired of that hutch, I absolutely love it! The real snow... not so much.


  39. Okay the snow - looks cold. But I have to say all the white - very classic and classy looking...

  40. Loving that wire cloche. I was just at Michaels this week but didn't see any of those. Boy did they have alot of great bargains tho. Hobby Lobby also, good thing I don't have a credit card with a high limit or I'd have been in so much trouble. Now I just get to drool.
    Don't know where you live but we've had minus temps with lots of snow also. We're in western Co. West of Grand Junction, CO, close to UTah border. It's been might cold here for days now.
    Love your mantel, think I might get couple things out of holiday decos like snowmen to put on shelves in l/r. Happy 2013, love your blog.

  41. When you said what your temperature was I wanted to just crawl under the covers. I love that little snow bird and your hutch looks perfect for your winter weather.

  42. Wow, I can't even imagine "minus anything!" Your hutch is so pretty and certainly sets the inside scene to match your outside scene. I'm just about ready to start sharing some of my winter decor, but I can't seem to get away from quite a lot of color.....I'm still holding onto red and probably will through Valentines. LOL!

  43. Oh Gina it looks so special. We are melting in the heat here in Queensland Australia. I so love visiting, your so very clever. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  44. You're wintery white vignette looks perfect! I would snuggle up with a blanket and some hot tea, too!

  45. Hi Gina! Oh, my your snow looks beautiful! That's so cold and I know I'd never thaw out. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  46. Great idea. It is a bit of a letdown once Christmas is over. The snow is falling non-stop here.

  47. I love your clean look. It is winter, so why not enjoy the soft colors?

  48. Winter is most certainly ALWAYS alive and well in NY. LOVE your decor:) Stay warm my friend!

  49. WOW you did it again! You really know how to put things together! This week I started back with Share it one more time linky party. Would love it if you would come by and linked up
    P.S. you were also featured in my best of 2012 featured at One More Time....

  50. Gina,
    I'd LOVE to have tht much SNOW on the Prairie this year,dear one!!!
    Your hutch is gorgeous!!!
    How cute is that long~legged bird with a stocking hat??? Too darn cute!!! I'm glad you found him and brought him in from the cold!!! I have a great Snowman Blend post that would warm you right up! Stop by soon for a visit!
    P.S. Visiting from Martys!!!

  51. Love your display, Gina! Your hutch is a great piece, too. I have left some areas blank right now {since putting Christmas away}. I'd like to do something a little different in certain spots.

  52. Gina, you are getting better all the time doing your vignettes. You have a good eye for putting things together to make a pretty display. I am envious of your snow. Not to rub it in, but it is so warm here today that I left the kitchen door open to get some fresh air. I understand that we are going to get much colder weather in a few days. Who knows, maybe we will get some of that beautiful snow. Shannon

  53. Hi Gina, Just stopping by and letting you know you were featured over at One More Time Events. Share it one more Time #2 linky party is open hope you can join us.
    Can you tell I love your stuff!!


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