Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Phantom

My daughter turned 14 years old on March 31st. 
Her birthday wish was to see 
The Phantom of the Opera.   

Yesterday, she and I took a trip to New York City...

...and her wish came true!

This was her very first show on Broadway and she fell, 
♥ hook, line & sinker ♥  
for all things Broadway.   This was my third time seeing The Phantom,
but watching it through her eyes was really incredible.  
We were in the 3rd row and being so close to the stage,
especially for her first time, made it all the more special.

She reacted just as I do when I see a show. 
She became overwhelmed by the beauty of it
and got tears in her eyes several times.
  Not to mention that her mouth hung open 
in awe for the first few minutes! lol

After the show, for a donation to
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS,  
Olivia got her picture taken with Kyle Barisich, who plays Raoul.

She tells me the whole experience was the best birthday gift ever!
I just wish I could make all of her birthdays this special.

And just for the record, this morning she told me that she would
prefer to be addressed as
"The Phantom of _______ Street."
(For privacy matters, I didn't want to use our actual street name.) 
I think I've created a monster! lol


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  1. How awesome is that! Very special too. happy Birthday to your cutie pie! I saw Phantom way back, in Toronto, and I LOVED it too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Miss Phantom of Adorable Street!
    What a lovely story, Gina!

  3. What a great way to spend her birthday!! Phantom was one of my favs too! Glad you guys had a great time and Happy Birthday to Miss Phantom!

  4. What a great birthday rule as a mom!!! We saw it in Toronto years ago and I still love the music...we would play the opening music full blast on Saturday mornings to get the kids up!!! hugs...cleo

  5. Oh my goodness, what a treat for her!

    I saw Phantom only once, here in my city years ago - a birthday present surprise from my sister...and I shall never EVER forget it.

    She was so funny - said to dress up, she wanted to get out of the suburbs and take me for appetizers and drinks downtown. Sounded like a GREAT present and I was all too exited.

    We talked and visited in one of the very posh places downtown and a little while later she told me to look under my glass, so I lifted it up (thinking she saw something icky or something) and she said, "No, Shell, I mean under the napkin under your glass!"

    Lifted it up and there were tickets to see this show I had only dreamed of seeing.

    She said, "Well, time to go!" And we walked across the glass bridge from the place we were to the amazing historical theatre it was held in..............and the rest is history.

    One of the best birthdays I have ever had!

    BTW- your daughter is adorable, what a sweet smile she has! Happy birthday to your daughter!!

  6. What a wonderful birthday for her! I love stage shows. We live too far from NY for Broadway, but a trip to the Fox in Atlanta was my birthday gift this year too. We saw "Wicked".

  7. Gina:

    What a special birthday for Olivia! Sounds like you both had a wonderful day with each other! I have never seen this one.

  8. She really loves music! I remember her Glee b'day party last year.

    Has the new season of the Glee Project stared yet?

    I am happy y'all had such a nice day.


  9. I will never forget the first time I saw a live play. I was hooked, too. And..The Phantom is one of my all time favorites!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Miss Phantom! xo Diana

  10. I am amazed and delighted that your lovely daughter wanted to see this amazing show. So very glad she enjoyed it. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. what a fabulous birthday! lucky girl!! great for too!!

  12. Oh my gosh... this is actually a dream of mine as well!! So happy that you both got to do this... what a lasting memory!!

  13. What a great gift, I love those special moments when we get to see through our childrens eyes. Such a sweet time.

  14. How exciting ~ for both of you! I LOVE Broadway and the shows can be repeated over & over as far as I'm concerned. Oh, there are favorites but the atmosphere is just so incredible!

    Wishing her a very Happy Birthday!


  15. Yes I will now use the a word Awesome! & wonderful that you both got to see it together for her birthday, and Happy 14th! birthday.

  16. What a special gift! I have never been to Broadway (on my bucket list) but have seen shows in Atlanta and I am always blown away by the theater! Love she chose this as her special gift! Hugs, Linda

  17. How much fun to go to NYC and see a live show, especially Phantom! Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  18. THAT is so awesome. What an amazing gift. So glad she thoroughly enjoyed it too! What a great first play.

    Happy Birthday
    to the Phantom of ______ Street!!

  19. Hi Gina,

    Now that is one fantastic birthday gift. Your daughter is beaming!


  20. First...A very Happy Beltated-Birthday to your beautiful daughter. So glad she had a blast. Awesome production. We saw it a few years ago here in S.D. It was totally amazing!

    Hugs and Kisses,


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