Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where are they hiding it?

In my attempt to rid my living room of the entertainment center monstrosity, I have been perusing all kinds of websites looking for photos to use as inspiration.

Now I must digress slightly for a second...

According to AC Nielsen Co, did you know that the number of hours Americans spend watching TV annually is 250 billion? Yeah, 250 billion. hours. a year. watching TV.

However, I have not been able to find any images of pretty little living rooms that have been graced by a television set. Living rooms and family rooms alike with no TVs in them? How is this possible? Where are they hiding the TVs? Obviously Americans are watching TV, but where are they doing it? In some dark secluded area of the basement, away from the eyes of the world perhaps? It's the craziest thing! Now to be honest, I have found many photos of flat screen TVs mounted to walls, but they tended to have a very contemporary edge, like this:

This photo is from Not that there's anything wrong with contemporary decor, but are these the only people watching TV in America? I think not.

Can't the owners of this lovely room watch TV too?

But where, oh where is that darn TV?

I did, alas, find this one and only photo of a living room (in my style) which I believe shows a TV built in there on the far left:

From Country Living

So now I'm curious. Where do you hide your TV? Is it out there front and center for all to see or are you hiding it in that dark secluded basement area? :)


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  1. Our TV is in our Family room in full view...we do have an entertainment center that we have all the electronics also tucked away. Great post, and you are right when I look at magazines there is no TV?

  2. Well our TV is in the man cave and it is mounted on the wall for all to see who come in our back door....which is everybody because we live on a corner and our driveway is in the back and there is parking on our front street so guess where everybody enters???


  3. lol. Our TV is large and in charge. The hubs was in no way shape or form compromising on that. And it's not like you can find a cabinet big enough to disguise it. lol.

  4. The one in our living room is out there front and center but the one in our bedroom is shy and hides behind the doors of an armoire and really never gets watched.

  5. That is what I pretty much did Gina..I do not think there is one more thing to paint around here:)

  6. We have a bunch of tv's. One in every bedroom, my craft room, my husband's den, the kid's living area and a huge 50 incher hung in the KITCHEN !!!!! Sad, but true - lol ! None of ours are hiding - they're all out in the open and well watched !

    Loved that bottom picture from country living too !



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