Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter treats & 12

Tomorrow my son is having an Easter party at school. I borrowed (ok, maybe I stole) an idea from my sweet & abundantly talented friend Melonie and made some treats for his classmates to enjoy. (I hope you don't mind Mel!)

My 6th grade daughter was quite jealous since parties are a thing of the past for her grade and she so wanted to bring these to school too! Oh well.

Speaking of the 6th grader, I usually try to keep my children from making appearances on my blog, but I couldn't let this day go by without an acknowledgement. It's hard to believe that it was 12 years ago today that she was born.

Happy 12th Birthday my sweet and especially spunky girl! We love you.


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  1. Totally flattered that you liked them!! Made my day. Happy Birthday to your Daughter!! If I don't talk to you before have a wonderful holiday:)

  2. Adorable!~ Happy Easter, those treats look boys love when I feature them on my blog, however, I do not share all the features LOL!!~ I made a quick little Easter post:)


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