Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The wasted snow day

Today we had a snow day. It wasn't necessarily due to a snowstorm though. It was more like an icestorm, but we didn't get hit too hard. Actually, it probably shouldn't have been a snow day at all but who am I to complain when the powers that be want to give me the day off with pay? I pretty much wasted the day. I really did nothing. All.Day.Long.
We did have a little drama today though. We had been planning to go to DisneyWorld for the February school break, the 4 of us along with my brother, sil & niece. Everything was booked, we were all set. Dh gets the news that he has to go to supervisor training school. They only offer it once a year and he has to go. Now you could only guess when this 3 weeks of supervisor training will begin. Yep, the week we are supposed to be in Florida. You cannot imagine my anger. I've been mad all day. The kids? Well that's another story in itself. Olivia had a good bout of throwing things, while Johnny had quite a few bouts of crying his eyes out. Heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had to break it to my brother & his family. They were very understanding, but the expressions on their faces told me another story. They were sad, obviously disappointed. Quite honestly, I have hated this day and am glad it's almost over.
So far, 2009 isn't leaving a good impression on me. I hope things turn around soon.

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  1. Oh, thats is just heartbreaking!! Poor kids... so now what to do??


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