Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mother Nature can be cruel

The pictures you are looking at show the very old tree in our backyard that fell sometime Sunday night. We had some pretty strong winds and when the tree fell, it smashed our swingset. (Indeed that is a swingset underneath it all) Can you imagine? We were shocked to find it like this on Monday morning. I kept waking up throughout the night because the winds were so strong and loud, but I had no idea this had happened. Olivia, who one would think is a little too old for the swingset now at 10 years old, cried. Alot. This is a kid who never cries. Seriously. You could push her down a flight of stairs and she wouldn't cry. But over the swingset? Bawling. Go figure. I guess she has many pleasant memories on that swingset and I have lots of pictures to prove it too. (I don't even want to mention the fondness she had for that tree!)
Putting things into perspective: if that's all we have to suffer is the loss of a swingset compared to what those poor people in Texas have lost, I'd say "the swingset is yours Mother Nature. Take it and enjoy."

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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree! Perspective and all.
    I'm so sorry the tree, and the swingset suffered, but I am so glad that nobody was hurt!!


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