Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm not sure if there are any other American Idol fans out there, but I have to share something that I found amazing today. Let me first go back to last night:

Last night on Idol, Jason Castro sang a song named "Hallelujah". I have to admit that the song intrigued me a bit. The judges loved it, even Simon. They mentioned that their favorite version of the song was sung by Jeff Buckley. Having never heard the song before last night, I decided that the next time I was hanging around the itunes, I would have to look up this Jeff Buckley version of the song. I mean they spoke so highly of it, I had to hear it for myself. Right?

Imagine my surprise when I found that "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley was listed as the #4 most popular song on itunes. Can you believe it? This song was recorded in something like 1994 and it's #4 on itunes today, some 14 years later? Apparently I wasn't the only one intrigued by it! Did I download it? You bet your 99 cents I did!

I can't help but think, how amazing is the power of American Idol coupled with a really great song! Honestly, I'm amazed.

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  1. interesting, im bummed cause i haven't watched it! I have class Tuesday night and pool Wed night!! so is it really good this year?

  2. well since you mentioned the song that I never heard of, I ordered it too :)

  3. I miss my friend.
    What... I fall off the face of the blog world and so do you? hehe
    Please email me!


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