Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday, I received my March issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. I haven't really combed through it with any intensity, but just by flipping through, I have to say (and I really hate to say it) but I am so not inspired by any of it. (my apologies if you have a LO published in this issue) It's not this issue alone that has turned me, I haven't been inspired by any CK issue in a long time. There was a time when I would run from the mailbox when a new CK issue arrived and try to hide from my kids long enough so I could read it cover to cover. This is so not the case anymore. I have my very first issue of CK still (for sentimental reasons, I guess). It's the May/June 1998 issue. It's taken 10 years to get me to this point but when my subscription is up in September, I will most likely not be renewing it. I find I can get much more inspiration in other places... online galleries & blogs and just in the everyday stuff...and not in Creating Keepsakes magazine, that's for sure.
There is a part of me that wonders whether this separation from CK is because I've been scrapping for 10 years, I've finally become comfortable enough to just "do my own thing" even if it's not cutting edge and not worry if the masses like it. Then I realize that I still do enjoy BHG Scrapbooks Etc. magazine, so that can't be the case. It's just a separation between CK & I. Period. What's that silly phrase that everyone says nowadays? Oh yeah. It is what it is.

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  1. i don't think it's just you. MANY of us feel this way. there are really no "fresh faces" around that mag anymroe these days. and same ole same ole!

    glad to see you posting again! missed ya!

  2. Love me some Scrapbooks Etc. too! Have a great weekend!

  3. hehehe... Are you quoting me? hehe
    Because it is what it is.
    I totally and completely feel the same way, that's why I didn't renew my subscription last year. And you know what, it's totally okay.

  4. I know what you mean, i don't hate it but there needs to be more fresh faces instead of the same scrappers being published. I'm getting tired of seeing Jennifers cute little tags... and I don't feel the need to have photo tips because they are'nt detailed enough and soooo just go buy a book on photography...


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