Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've gone missing, again!

We've had a crazy couple of weeks here. Ds got sick and was running a high fever, 104.6 to be exact! I panicked & called the pediatrician right away. Come to find out, 104.6 is not dangerous in a 6 year old. Thank goodness for that, but it still was a long week of playing fever up, fever down, fever up... The pediatrician said it was definitely some kind of flu. Would someone please remind me to get flu shots for all next year? Ds ended up having to have a throat culture & chest xray, both negative, thankfully.
Then, you just know this "yuck" needed to get passed on to dd. (She has one of the strongest immune systems ever...she never gets sick!) Well, this flu got her and man, was she ever livid!! 9 years old and angry, angry, angry! She wanted no part of being sick for even one minute.
As luck would have it, somewhere in the middle of the 2 kids getting it, it was passed on to me. I was quick to catch it though and with a super homeopathic remedy, I kicked it nearly overnight. (Oscillococcinum is the stuff. Should you need it, and I hope you don't, it works!)
Mind you, dh never got sick. He's the lucky one. Of course, throw in the fact that he actually got the flu shot, I guess it's safe to assume he's also the smart one as well.
So now, after nearly 2 weeks, my eye starts turning red. I'm thinking it must be pink eye. I didn't go into work today figuring I would contaminate half the high school. I saw my doctor and it's not pink eye, although it is conjunctivitis, just not contagious. I apparently have a sinus infection and this baby wants to drain from me eye! Gross enough for you? I was given antibiotics and I hope I can kick this thing before Christmas. I'm so sick of all this sick! Even dh said, he's getting sick of this infirmary that we're running here.
See now, there is an update of why I've gone missing, again. I hope you are all feeling well and into the spirit of Christmas. Try to enjoy all those last minute details!

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  1. Wow! Quite the run of infections and icky-ness! Well, I hope you all are healthy for Christmas!
    Big Holiday Hugs girl!


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