Monday, October 15, 2007

Another year older

Today is my birthday. My last year of being in my 30s. Did I just admit that out loud to all of blogdom? Anyway, it wasn't a particularly exciting day, birthdays as I get older never are. I mean what's to be excited about, I'm getting older...old...ehhh!

So, to completely change the subject, I had a dentist appointment today, for a cleaning. Is it just me or is everyone in pain after having their teeth cleaned? Or am I the only one who has a crazy pain inflicting hygienist?? When I got home, my gums were throbbing to the point where I almost thought I'd have to take Tylenol to get me through the night at work. And now, some 10 hours later, I can still feel a sore aching pain. My dentist is an extremely exceptional practitioner, but the hygenist...I just don't know. What's the deal here? Do I need to change dentists?

Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Happy Birthday to a fellow Libra! My b-day is the 14th!
    and yes ....DH are a new mean brood! Man they go after plague like it is public enemy #1. My gums are sore for about 3 days!

    Need to go back to an electric tooth brush...have to ask SAnta for one for Christmas.

    I got a new birdfeeder for my birthday, and some jewelry, and a little sign that says" I cook with wine.....sometimes I even add it to the food"

    Hope you got a surprise or two!

    Bonnie b

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) So your older and wiser... no biggie :) As for the dentist... maybe im so used to being poked at that it doesn't hurt? eek.

  3. Yay!! Happy Birthday Gigi!!! You're only as old as you feel. hehe
    On the dentist/hygenist thing... I ask for the gas to even get cleaned, I'm so baby at the dentist, but in general life, I've got quite a pain tolerence. Hope it's not always so painful.

  4. Gigi... HAPPY BELATED BD!! SOrry I missed it. I'm a POOP!!
    Tell the DH that you want her to not be so agressive!! Then kick her butt! LOL

  5. Happy birthday again Regina! I don't know about the dentist gums hurt a smidge from the flossing, but that's it. You might want to request a different hygenist instead of changing dentists. Good luck and hope you feel better now!

  6. Gigi, you've been tagged, head over to my blog :)


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