Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"No one" & the Hermafix

I had to work today, but my kids don't start school until tomorrow so my mom had to watch the kids for me. I came home to find dd playing on the computer. Seated next to her, ds. Now as I looked around, I noticed several Hermafix tabs stuck to my scrap table. I also found my Hermafix dispenser opened with the tape spilling out. Amazingly, "no one" did this. It just happened on its own. Imagine that. How could I have been so silly as to suggest that "someone" had a hand in this when it was clearly "no one?" As I am sitting here at the computer typing this, I have taken a closer look and have now peeled Hermafix tabs from all surfaces...the scanner, the computer desk, assorted stray boxes, and the hardwood floor, just to name a few. Now I'm not sure who this "no one" is, but I would like to have a word with him...or her. Although I'm 99.9% sure---no, make that 100% sure---that "no one" is indeed a he. I can't help thinking of one of Steve Martin's funny lines from Cheaper by the Dozen 2...."eggs cost money!" (said rather agitatedly). Boy does it crack me up when he says that! So here I go: "Hermafix costs money!" Did someone say that school starts tomorrow???

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