Friday, July 27, 2007

A firm grip

I guess it's no secret that I love Harry Potter. Dd started this whole "mania" thing with Harry. The mania then spread to ds and then came for me with a force to be reckoned with. It was no surprise really, I can get carried away easily.

I was not prepared, however, for this thing to spread to my 51 year old sister. I guess the virus runs strong in our family. My sister came to see the movie at midnight with dd & I. She started reading the books & watching the earlier movies on DVD. As we sat in the dining room Tuesday night, sipping tea, I heard words float through the air of which I could not believe sister actually said, "I wish I was a wizard." I nearly died! Now I'm not sure if my shock was because I couldn't believe my sister actually said that. I mean she's 51 years old, she's always been the serious, older, wiser one. This statement was completely out of character for her. Maybe I was shocked because I had wished I was a wizard myself but never even dreamed of actually saying that fact out loud. Although I did add , "Me too" after my sister declared her thought aloud for all of us to hear. I mean why not? I may as well ride in on my sister's tails. Her revelation shocked & amused me, but I guess the most amusing thing was the look on my other sister's face as the words rang into her ears. She shot my sister a look of which I could not help but was undescribable really... stunned, puzzled, name it. I could just hear the "oh-my-God-they've-gone-too-far-and-lost-their-minds" thought that was swirling around in her head. Obviously, my other sister must have a real strong immune system, the virus has not yet taken her. I did notice my 73 year old mother sitting there smiling, saying nothing about any of this. She did borrow Book 1 from dd a few days prior....perhaps the virus is just beginning to fester in her. Anyway, I'm not sure how reasonable, grow adults are going to shake this thing, but it should be fun!

I found this on Youtube the other day & have to share:

Oh my! Harry Potter has grown up!

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  1. Oh Gina....this post is too funny!!! I was totally laughing out loud!! Just the description of the conversation was tooooo much!! I have to say, and don't HATE on me...but I'm not a Potter fan! Wizards & magic just aren't my thaaanngg. Heck, I released all the Lord of the Rings series & have NEVER even seen the films. BUT to each his own, and I love the fact that you can openly admit. You are an extremely talented writer too my dear... can't wait for your next post.

  2. Okay, that was seriously the cutest claim ever! Something you would totally think to hear from the kids, and secretly agree with them, but from your sister... your *older sister! That's just AWESOME!! Ain't no shame in yer game! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Say it loud, say it proud! hehehe!! Thanks for sharin' girl!! Totally put a smile on my face!!


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