Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A bad day

Since the kids are on vacation from school this week and being that dh & I are not working today, we thought we might take a little day trip to Syracuse for some shopping & lunch, just to get the kids out for some fun. Unfortunately, that idea went out the window in a hurry.

I've been having this annoying back/leg pain on and off since last week and last night it got quite excruciating. It's a struggle to walk. So, I have to go to the doctor this afternoon. I'm figuring it's sciatica. You have no idea how much I hate to be immobile. It's driving me insane. I flip flop all over at night when I sleep and not being able to do so is driving crazy. I barely slept at all, I just couldn't move.

To continue on with this bad day, the kids were going to be sleeping at my brother & sister-in-laws tonight. Dh & I thought we'd go to dinner & the movies. I just don't see that happening now unless I suddenly make a miraculous recovery.

It's just a bad day. Ok Daniel Powter, cue the piano & start singing the bad day song now.

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